How Some Other People’s Advice May Influence your Relationships

When you start dating a new girl, or maybe russian women dating, everyone is discussing her: she is hot, she is pompous, she is adorable and she is boorish… Whom to listen to and whose words have to go in one ear and out the other? Here we have the list of benefits and risks of sharing your social life with the closest people that surround you.

Your friends

Benefit: They will say everything as it is.

Did you hear that “love is blind”? Therefore, it is about you in the beginning of a relationship with a new girl. Fortunately, only you are blind at that moment (well, if you’re lucky, so is she). According to the research, friends are the most honest juries for evaluating your relationships, as they see the situation without rose-colored glasses of love.

Risk: One can become jealous

If a friend disrespects your beloved, be careful, because he may be having his eyes on your girlfriend himself. It is easy to check. Just compare what your lonely friends say about your girl and those who already have a couple.

Her friends

Benefit: Unique awareness

The closest friends of your date are real clairvoyants. They can easily catch the first signs of your presupposed ending of the relationships, even if you still have a good sex and at first sight nothing to worry about. There are two possible reasons for such a phenomenon: the first – the girlfriends have a big impact on your date, they are sure that she will behave as they tell; the second – they just know her as a beggar knows his bag and even feel what she is not ready to say out loud yet.

Risk: Sabotage

All the predictions can be pre-planned. Sometimes jealous girlfriends deliberately give some advice that lead to a break up.

Your family

Benefit:  A true gut feeling

Your parents subconsciously regard any of your girlfriends as a possible mother for their future grandchildren and this is much more thoughtful and long-term analysis than what your sexually oriented brain can give

Risk: High expectations

Parents are so picky. If you are completely confident in your relationship with a girl, and parents are still skeptical, ask them to explain clearly, what they dislike about her. If you get the specifics, evaluate whether it can really prevent you from dying in one day with your soul mate or it means nothing to you.


Secrets to a Successful Relationship


Benefit: Experienced advisors

Your friends are most likely your peers, but at work you can certainly find people older than you. This mighty bunch of experienced men is a real storehouse of knowledge. They will certainly come in handy, as you need to consult not with the boy, but with the husband of about fifty. Surely, he will share not only with his thoughts on the problem, but also the stories from life, illustrating the most diverse options to get out of this situation.

Risk: Blind forecasts

Except for the office romance, your colleagues will receive information about your girlfriend only from you, not knowing her opinion about the situation and therefore (to be honest) in a somewhat distorted form.

Share your thoughts. In the worst-case scenario it is an evident variant of therapy – by simply saying aloud the essence of the problem to even an impartial person, you get the opportunity to think again about the right solution. After all, remember that you are to make the final decision!

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