What does dating mean to a guy?

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asked 5 years ago

Do most guys understand the meaning of dating?

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answered 4 years ago

Most guys are clueless when it comes to dating and relationships because schools taught us the wrong subjects, e.g. math, physics, chemistry, etc. I’m not saying these subjects are all useless, but after a certain point, they are not very useful. Instead, schools should teach students how to maintain relationships, for we live in a society where the divorce rate is 50%!
There are some very capable guys who understands the meaning of dating, but those guys are rare – they are charismatic, interesting, creative and intelligent. Some of them are pickup artists and dating coaches. Are you sure you want to date them?
If a guy is clueless, you can influence his decisions more easily. In contrast, when you are dating a switched-on guy, chances are he will influence your decisions easily. Which option is better in your opinion?
Basically, it’s always a trade-off. But overall, I think you probably want to date a guy who understands the meaning of dating because a mature guy is always more attractive and sexier.
Having said that, you have to clarify what dating means to you. Does it mean building a long-term, meaningful relationship? Does it mean a casual hookup? You have to know your answer to these questions in the first place, and then you can begin to look for your dream guy.
Of course, not everyone knows what they are doing because sometimes a casual fling can become a serious commitment – that happens all the time. Even Donald Trump married his second ex-wife when she was his mistress! Therefore, there isn’t a clear boundary between casual relationships and meaningful relationships. What do you think?
In my opinion, most women want to find long-term commitments rather than short-term flings because women highly value emotional connection. However, in this day and age, most men have fear of commitment because they desire variety.

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