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Is it true that some short guys prefer to date taller girls?

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Yes, it is true.
Some Hollywood movie stars are also quite short – some of them are like 163cm only. But it doesn’t mean they can’t date taller women.
I know Tom Cruise had a relationship with Nicole Kidman who is taller than him.
Some taller girls like short guys as well – it’s really a personal preference and it’s perfectly normal!
I met a guy who is pretty short. When I was wearing high heels, I was as tall as him (I’m like 153cm). That means he is probably 160cm! Now you know what I mean, right? But his wife is about 164cm! She is a successful businesswoman with a 7-figure business, whereas he is a firefighter who works as a part-time truck driver (a real blue-collar worker). Unbelievable but true.
Todd Valentine is a well-known dating coach who teaches men how to pick up women. He mentioned that when he was picking up a model in a bar, that woman literally took off her shoes as she left the venue with him because she thought she might be too tall for him (she didn’t want to lose him)! That’s a very eye-opening story.
Do you know that many tall women are also insecure? In fact, a lot of tall women are worried about their height – they think men feel intimidated by their height (which is true to some degree), so it’s not easy for them to find love. Some of them never have the courage to wear high heels because they don’t want to look taller! But we all know that high heels make women look sexier in every way!
Anyway, some short guys wear hidden heels. For instance, Roger Sterling (from Mad Men) wears hidden heels – I noticed that when he and Don Draper entered Mr. Cooper’s office (they had to take off their shoes before entering Cooper’s office).

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