Why You Should Date Lithuanian Women

a beautiful Lithuanian girl

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession”

Many Lithuanian women have extraordinarily long hair with sexy blonde locks, so apparently, they are considered to be the most feminine and attractive women in East Europe.  There are many reasons why you should date Lithuanian women, and here are just a few of the benefits:

  • an attractive Lithuanian woman Both casual dates and wife materials are available in Lithuania. Most East European girls don’t do one-night-stands, but some Lithuanian women do that.  In other words, Lithuanian women are more open-minded.  So if you are looking for some casual fun, you can find it in Lithuania. As long as your standards are not too high, because very high quality Lithuanian women don’t do one-night-stands, which means you can also find wife materials among Lithuanian women.
  • Lithuanian women are similar to Western women in terms of their culture, which means it’s easier to get along with them and understand them. Although Lithuania was a part of Soviet Union, the Lithuanian culture is actually quite Western, especially when it comes to people’s mentality.  In other words, Lithuanian women are more relaxed and less guarded.  That’s just an advantage.
  • A large number of Lithuanian women look like real models. Indeed, walking down the street in Lithuania, you can easily see numerous tall, slim and pretty women everywhere.  If these women were born in the United States or the United Kingdom where obesity is common, they can easily become international models!  So, travelling to Lithuania and meeting Lithuanian women will surely expand your outlook and enrich your experiences.

There are many reasons why you should date Lithuanian women, and here are just a few of the benefits.

  • a stunning Lithuanian girl in white top and shortsMost Lithuanian women are very well-educated. Lithuania is regarded as the most intelligent country in the European Union, as more than 92% of its population have a secondary or tertiary education.  Young Lithuanian women can speak marvelous English.  Therefore, communicating with them is nice and easy.
  • Lithuanian women are attracted to foreigners. If you are a man from a Western country such as the United States or Canada, Lithuanian women automatically associate you with money and status.  Yes, a foreigner certainly gets Lithuanian women’s attention.  As a foreigner who speaks English as your first language, you already have a competitive edge.
  • Lithuanian women know how to enjoy life. Yes, Lithuanian women are very busy – they have so many activities to do each and every day: sports, singing, dancing, art, going to the beach, taking steam bath, going to nightclubs, concerts and trendy cafes, etc.  Dating a Lithuanian woman is always an exciting experience.  Besides, Lithuanian women’s busy lifestyle also means they are not needy women. You don’t have to babysit them all the time; you can do your thing and they are okay with it.  Unlike a lot of Western women, Lithuanian women know how to have a good time with or without men.  So that’s another advantage of dating Lithuanian women.


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  • I like Lithuanian girls because they’re so sexy und understanding. They almost always can predict what the man wants and satisfy all his needs. This is so adorable, as every man is pleased when beautiful, smart and educated woman shares her life with him. I also like the fact that these women have a cold mind. And if we’re talking about relationships and even more so about a family, then you don’t need to hurry up as these girls are romantic and vulnerable creatures behind the steel armor of mind. They need time to analyze your behavior, mindset, thoroughly examine your personality and habits. This will not prevent you from having a good time, attending cultural events and enjoying the intimate sphere.

  • Some of the Lithuanian women are real feminists who are influenced by Western direction to become strong and independent. But those, who remain real ladies, are the best matches for any man. These women don’t mind dating foreigners, and a lot of my friends from the USA have found their soul mates in Lithuania with the help of dating app. Buy the way, different dating apps and dating website are very popular in Lithuania and most of the girl use them in order to find a foreign men.

  • As for me, I like the culture of this nation. It is so interesting and unrepeatable. This is the real fusion of Western and Soviet traditions that allows learning a lot of new. Lithuanian women are really special and they differ from the other nations. These women value in a man the stability, loyalty, the ability to earn money and the level of intelligence. Primitive or frivolous people will immediately be struck out of her interests. To attract such a young lady, you always need to look tidy, dress with taste, be interested in art, current news and events. Also, these women appreciate the combination of brutality and tenderness, charisma and a good sense of humor.

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