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asked 3 years ago

Is it ethical for a dentist to date a female patient?

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answered 3 years ago

It’s okay. I also almost dated my dentist a few years ago.
I saw a dentist regularly and he is very, very, very, very cute! Later on, I met him in the supermarket and we started talking to each other. Then we went out for a few dates. Unfortunately, I had a negative experience with him during an appointment after that (his equipment exploded in my mouth, so I was so scared)! Also, he accidentally hurt the corner of my mouth during the dental surgery. I was so mad.
As a result, I changed the dentist. I had to stop seeing that dentist. Of course, I stopped dating him altogether! What a scary experience.
Having said that, if I meet him in the street, he is a very nice person. But he is not the right person to work in a dentist’s office. That profession doesn’t suit him at all. That’s my honest opinion.
There is nothing wrong with a dentist if he/she decides to date his/her patient. I know some female patients deliberately approach/seduce their male dentists because they know dentists make a lot of money and they want to marry rich men, which is fair enough. Many dentists have joined luxury dating sites such as Millionaire Match.

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