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asked 3 years ago

What are the best dating blogs for men on dating advice?

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answered 3 years ago

Here is a list of my recommendations:
1) Roosh V’s blogs – this guy has many websites, e.g.,,, and so forth. His content is red-pilled realism rather than blue-pilled journalism on GQ magazine. Therefore, you must be open-minded when you read Roosh V’s blog articles.
2) Jade Seashell’s blog – this dating expert has nearly two decades’ experience in the dating industry. She is the ghost-writer of many dating books and popular blogs on the Internet. Some of her articles are for women to read, but her content is pretty eye-opening.
3) Richard la Ruina’s blog – this pickup artist has a company called PUA Training which is also a popular dating advice blog for men. He even offers s*x advice on!
4) Street Attraction’s blog – as far as I know, Street Attraction has been shut down by BBC and YouTube due to a “documentary” about them. BBC sent a journalist who posed as a bootcamp student at a Street Attraction event – that journalist’s camera recorded cherry-picked some videos and the article was written before he attended the bootcamp. If Street Attraction’s website comes back again, you should totally check out their blog. That’s a pretty strong dating advice for men’s platform.
5) Todd Valentine’s blog – I know Todd Valentine’s name is controversial because RSD says “Todd Valentine” is RSD’s trademark. That’s why now Todd has decided to use “Todd V Dating” as his new brand name. Anyway, Todd has a blog which teaches men dating advice and I like his advice very much because he really understands human dynamics and women!
6) Yad’s blog – Yad is a team member of, a successful company which teaches men dating advice. Yad is a Middle Eastern guy living in London and his pickup style is very, very, very, very interesting and inspiring.

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