5 online dating facts you should know

5 ONLINE DATING FACTSFinding dates in the years past probably will make you leave your home and go in search either in a bar or night-outs, shopping malls, coffee shops; hoping someone walks up to you and say Hi or initiate a conversation. Well, this time is gradually fading away. Today is witnessing a new face which makes the old patterns of date search unnecessary. Everything has been simplified with online dating. Also, if you don’t have enough knowledge about the online dating tips or guides, this could be as complicated more than you can imagine. While searching for dating partners in the comfort of your home as peculiar with online dating, many things could be done wrong which possibly could make your search stressful and boring or worse, exposes you to awful online dating experience.

We have compiled 5 online dating tips that will sure guarantee a wonderful dating experience if you know them.

1. Use a quality picture of yourself alone on your profile

Many online daters make this singular mistake all the time using pictures of pet, cars or flowers or the morning sun rise on their profile instead of using their personal picture. It’s true you like your pets or you have a beautiful car or the beautiful sun rise from your windows view is so beautiful but that is not what potential dates want to see. They want to see you and it’s only your image that will appeal to them. Your love for pets, flowers, sun rise and whatever else should be discussed on your conversations with a partner but that shouldn’t be your profile display. Use a quality picture of yourself alone on your dating profile and nothing else.

2. Have quality write up about yourself

It can be very challenging writing about yourself and many people don’t even like this at all but it’s something you have to do if you really desire quality dates that aren’t in for a play. Write something positive and truthful about yourself.  Something that represents you wholly, meaningful and perfectly portray who you truly are. Remember, this is your first chance to make a great and first impressions, so, don’t waste the chance to tell who you are.

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3. Take your time to study people before giving in

You have gone through the first stage finding your date and now you have met them in person for the first time, congratulations! You had an amazing first date and you can’t wait for the next because the moments are just unforgettable. Wow! Does this make him the perfect person you desire? Everyone puts their best self forward on the first dates just to leave an unforgettable moment that will ask for more but time will reveal their real self behind the true color. Some people may not be what they really claim to be and knowing this will save you a lot from unwanted circumstances ahead. Do proper backgrounds check on potential dates and keep your instincts active when with them either in person or on phone. Just take your time to know who people really are before you give your whole self in.online daters lie

4. Respond politely to every message even from those you don’t want to date

Just same way you feel when someone fails to reply your mail, every other person feels same too. It’s good to prepare for rejection because not everyone will definitely like you or wants to have a date with you and this feeling can be just so bad. It isn’t even nice to make someone feel worthless in the first place so a polite reply to an email like “wow, you really seem like a nice guy with your message, but I am sorry I don’t think we are a good match. Still, I wish you find a great love pretty soon, best of luck”. Even when this person feels bad about your rejection, your polite message will make them feel better and respected.

5. Be honest

Its true more than 80% online daters lie about something especially on their profile. Sooner or later your date will definitely find out the truth if they are really serious about their interest and are being sincere; you won’t want them to find out you lied about something, will you? Just a simple lie can make everything go wrong.  Keep this in mind and believe it’s possible with others too and it will help you on your adventure.

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