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asked 4 years ago

What is it like for a lawyer to start dating a client?

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Lawyers dating clients isn’t something new. It’s more common than you think.
I hired a lawyer four years ago and he is really attractive. So, I found him on Facebook and discovered that he was in a relationship. That’s why nothing happened between us. But I’m pretty sure if he was single, I would probably date him!
Having said that, do you really want to date a lawyer? Most lawyers work very long hours. For instance, in Australia, the majority of lawyers work from 8am to 6pm every day (sometimes on weekends as well) & in the United States, lawyers work even harder. According to Jordan Harbinger, lawyers in the law firm that he worked for were in the office all the time. Jordan Harbinger says when he went to the office at 1am on a Saturday night after having too much alcohol at a party, he saw all of his co-workers were there! The situation looked like Monday morning! He asked his co-workers, “What happened? Why are you here?” His co-workers said, “We are always here.” That’s unbelievable, right? But Jordan Harbinger doesn’t have a reason to lie to us anyway.
Also, if you a marry a lawyer, you should know that the family law isn’t going to work for you as your lawyer spouse knows how to protect his/her money extremely well.

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