Importance of dating in a relationship

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How important is dating in terms of a good relationship?

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Dating is important because you have to know someone before starting an official, committed relationship. Let me explain, please.
Without dating that person, you won’t be able to build a genuine emotional connection in the first place. We all know that emotional connection is very important in a romantic relationship. There are three pillars in a relationship: 1) emotional connection; 2) s*x; 3) mutual benefits. Clearly, emotional connection is the No. 1 pillar in a long-term relationship.
Emotional connection is built through shared experiences.
Apart from that, dating also means you date more than one person without staying in a committed relationship. This gives you options because in order to find quality, quantity absolutely, positively matters. If you choose one out of one option, I can almost guarantee that it’s a bad choice. But if you choose one out of 10 options, chances are it’s a pretty good choice. Therefore, you should date as many people as possible when you still can!
Also, when you have the confidence to try casual dating, you are in a good position because it means you are not needy or clingy and you have the competence to build a beautiful love life by yourself. This gives you real confidence in the long term because you know no matter what happens, you have the ability to get laid and attract someone high-value.
Having said that, once you’ve found the right person, you would be well-advised to start a real relationship so that you can live a stable lifestyle with the right partner. Those who stay in multiple relationships without a commitment will find life satisfying in the short term, but maybe they won’t find life satisfying in the long term because most people actually want to live an appropriate lifestyle with commitment instead of playing the field forever.

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