I’m dating my best friend’s brother

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asked 4 years ago

Is it okay for me to start dating my best friend’s brother?

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answered 3 years ago

That’s not a problem. But please be aware of these:
1) If there is a conflict in your relationship, is your best friend going to support you or her brother?
2) If you break up with this guy, can you stay friends with your best friend?
3) Do you know this guy well? (He may have a very different worldview – don’t assume that his worldview is the same as your best friend’s worldview.)
4) Let’s say you are married to your best friend’s brother. One day, your best friend asks you and your husband if you can lend her some money. What are you going to say? According to your standards, you don’t lend/borrow money at all. But your husband insists on lending money to his sister. Are you going to get angry or upset? Can you find a happy medium?
5) If you are married to your best friend’s brother, how are you going to divide their parents’ wealth when their parents pass away? Let’s say their parents (i.e. your mother-in-law and father-in-law) are multi-millionaires. One day they will pass away and if they don’t have a Will, how are you and your husband going to share their wealth with your best friend, i.e. your husband’s sister?

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