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asked 4 years ago

Are there any dating sites for younger men and older women?

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answered 3 years ago

Yes, there are some.
You may check out some sugar daddy dating sites which allow sugar mommas to find toy boys.
Also, you can check out some cougar dating sites such as Cougar Dating Online and Cougary. I think these are dating apps as well.
In my opinion, sugar mommas are as rare as unicorns. If you show me a sugar momma, I will show you a unicorn.
But it doesn’t mean you can’t find a cougar. There is a difference between a sugar momma and a cougar. A sugar momma is an older rich woman who financially supports a male sugar baby that she sleeps with, whereas a cougar is an older woman who dates a younger man.
In order to attract a cougar, you must have good looks, elegant taste, outstanding conversation skills, a confident mindset, a positive attitude and a capable johnson in the bedroom. Please note that cougars are usually hornier than younger women as women become hornier and hornier when they age. That’s why women in their 60s are much more likely to cheat than men in their 60s. In contrast, younger women are not very horny, although they look better and more attractive. Hopefully this makes sense.

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