Is dating a friend a good idea?

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asked 5 years ago

Is it a good idea to date my best friend?

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answered 5 years ago

Yes and no. Here is why:
It’s a good idea because you two know each other very well already, so the emotional connection is there. Also, you have enough shared history, so the foundation of this relationship is pretty strong. Trust is there as well; therefore, it should be a good relationship in the long term if you decide to dating your best friend.
But let’s be honest – if this is supposed to be a romantic relationship, why does this happen now rather than many years ago? If there is chemistry between you and your best friend, you two must be dating a long time ago instead of today! Hence, I don’t think the chemistry has a capital C in your relationship with your best friend. That may affect the quality of intimacy in the bedroom if you know what I mean.
In conclusion, dating your best friend should be an organic thing – you’d better allow the story to unfold naturally & don’t force anything to happen, please.
Have you seen Julia Robert’s movie My Best Friend’s Wedding? Please watch that movie before dating your best friend. You are welcome.
By the way, may I ask why you want to date your best friend? Do you have other options?

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