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asked 4 years ago

Have you heard of any gypsy man dating a non-gypsy woman?

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answered 4 years ago

Yes, I have.
There are many non-gypsy women looking to date gypsy men! Indeed, a growing number of women want to date romantic, artistic and creative guys such as gypsy men these days because most women have jobs nowadays and they don’t rely on men financially. That’s why a lot of women are happy to date artists, including artistic men who are gypsy!
I know an American woman who travel around the world in order to meet gypsy men. She is a freelance translator, so she can work from anywhere in the world and doesn’t have to go to an office every day. This American woman is relatively wealthy, so she can afford to travel all the time. When she was living in Europe, she went to many social events to meet men – some of them are gypsy men. She finds them very attractive, alluring and appealing. So, she invited them to her weekly Happy Hour and let them compete for her! That’s a very smart strategy – men love competition because men are all competitive by nature – they want to win the lady’s heart. Note that men only cherish things that they’ve worked for, so if a woman is too easy, men won’t cherish her. That’s why this American woman is a switched-on, high-value and intelligent lady who truly understands men.
As I’m typing this answer now, this American woman is married to a gypsy man, a fashion designer who works in Europe. They are expecting their twins right now.
If you are a gypsy man looking to date a non-gypsy woman, you would be well-advised to join some dating websites and dating apps. Meanwhile, you can combine offline dating with online dating because this approach is the fast-track to success in your love life. Also, you may organize a weekly Happy Hour and invite all of your female friends to your event!

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