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asked 5 years ago

Would an American woman want to date a Kenyan man?

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In my opinion, American women would date Kenyan men. Let me explain.
First of all, there are many Black women in America, so if you are looking to date Black women in the United States, you will get some of them easily.
Secondly, many White women in America also want to date Black men. If you are a Kenyan man (Black guy), you can be successful with some White women as well. Thanks to Will Smith, Black men are considered to be attractive in White women’s eyes these days.
Thirdly, American women are very adventurous, so if you are an exotic guy from a foreign country, chances are you can get laid in the United States quickly. It is said that the United States is the best country for hookups because the American culture is best characterized by a hookup culture where people are sleeping around these days. Frankly, the American society has been like this for many decades, as evidenced by the story in Mad Men (a popular American TV show about stories in the 1960s). Hence, if you live in America, you will be able to have a fantastic love life as long as you are open-minded and curious about people and things.
My recommendation is you’d better join a mainstream dating site where you can meet a large number of qualified women who are looking for love online. These women are single, eager to find true love and ready to date men. Therefore, combining online dating with offline dating is a smart move nowadays – we live in a digital age when everything is digital! You should totally use the modern technology to your advantage in today’s day and age. What do you think?
Last but not least, have you tried speed dating events in America? You may find an American woman in record time.

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