Disadvantages of dating a divorced man

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What is the biggest disadvantage of dating a divorced man?

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There are many disadvantages if you think about it:
1) Because he is divorced, he probably has a negative outlook – note that many men suffer from depression and anxiety because of a divorce. In this case, he might spend years in pain which may affect you.
2) If he has children from his previous marriage, that can be a strain because you will have to learn how to get along well with his children when you marry him or live with him.
3) If his ex-wife isn’t dead and they have kids together, she will be a part of his life forever & they may affect you as well. You never know what will happen if his ex-wife is a dodgy person.
4) It is said that the divorce rate of first marriages is 50%, but the divorce rate of second marriages is significantly higher. Let me give you a real example – Jim was married to his first ex-wife in 1999 and they got a divorce in 2000 due to her affair. Jim gave the house to his ex-wife and agreed to pay the mortgage for ten years. He met his second ex-wife in 2003 and married her in 2004. After his daughter was born in 2006, his second ex-wife divorced him because they often had arguments regarding why he was still paying his first ex-wife’s mortgage. He met his third ex-wife in 2009 and got a divorce again in 2011 because his third ex-wife couldn’t get along with his daughter. This is a sad, true and brutal story that may disturb you. I do apologize if you find this true story disturbing! Obviously, dating a divorced man is hard, tough and difficult. You probably shouldn’t do it if you aren’t a mature woman. I wish you well & all the best. Please let us know how it goes.

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