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Are there the best online dating sites for divorcees?

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You can join single parents’ dating sites if you like. But if you don’t have kids, you may just join mainstream dating sites which allows members to specify their marital status, e.g. single, divorced, widowed, etc.
Some affairs dating sites also encourage divorcees to join their platforms – you may specify your marital status such as married, divorced, etc.
You can even join some sugar daddy dating sites where many rich men are looking for sugar babies. At least 50% of these sugar daddies are married men looking for affairs because realistically, how many rich guys are single anyway?
As a divorcee, dating is actually easier because you’ve had enough experience in the dating department and you know what to do. You’ve seen enough, so you are worldlier and more sophisticated. Therefore, your love life should be better than inexperienced daters’ love lives which are usually non-existent anyway.
By the way, a divorcee can also find a satisfying marriage. For example, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry after her divorce. Roosh V says, “Prince Harry is marrying an aging American divorcee, a Hollywood whore.” Obviously, Roosh V is very surprised because he didn’t expect Prince Harry to marry a biracial woman. “Why would the royal family allow someone with African origin to join them? I don’t have anything against Black people, but I think the royal family in the UK should respect their own tradition and shouldn’t let other people from different origins to mix with them,” says Roosh V, “Also, she is a Hollywood whore, which has been proven.”
I know the above comments are controversial. But I’m just trying to say that it’s perfectly normal for a divorcee to find true love. We live in a society where the divorce rate is 50%, so divorcees are everywhere in this day and age.

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