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asked 5 years ago

Are there many black males on online dating sites?

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answered 4 years ago

Many White women are attracted to Black men, so if that’s your thing, you should check out interracial dating sites and dating apps such as Black and White Dating.
But if you are a Black guy looking to date Asian women, you might find it harder to get Asian girls because they usually date Asian men or White men (some of them may date Indian men and Middle Eastern men, but that’s not very common). I also know an Asian woman who wants to date Black men, but that’s quite rare.
It is said that Black women generally want to date Black men, so if you aren’t interested in interracial dating, you may want to join dating sites which help minorities to find love. But those dating sites are not very common as business owners know there aren’t enough customers amongst minorities. Most revenue of internet dating comes from the majority of the population. Also, it is reported that minorities make less money, so they are probably less likely to buy dating websites’ memberships or subscription plans anyway. That being said, you can always join a mainstream dating site where you are able to meet a large number of online daters looking for love on the Internet – some of them are interested in meeting Black men already.
According to author G.L. Lambert, Black women are relatively easy to get, so it shouldn’t be too hard for a Black man to get Black women on a dating website or a dating app. You may want to read G. L. Lambert’s book She Ain’t It: How to Expose Damaged, Desperate, And Deceitful Women. It is a very eye-opening book which is full of honest, blunt and useful advice for men. Of course, you can read some dating books for women so that you can understand what women are thinking about. Get into their heads and then you will know what to do!

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