How to dump your Thai girlfriend who is a toxic b*tch (without being punished)

dump your Thai girlfriend

If you think “pump-and-dump” is a good strategy while playing the field, then you are wrong. Many women actually take revenge fast and ruin those players’ lives permanently. Don’t play with fire if you don’t know what you are playing with.

Therefore, there are specific strategies that you can learn to improve your game, including how to dump your toxic Thai girlfriend without being punished.

Plan an exit strategy beforehand. First and foremost, you must have a plan. I know that many men don’t want to talk about their love lives with others, not even their family and friends, because a lot of men associate “asking for help” with “weakness”. Actually, asking for help shows your strength because that means you are determined to succeed. Therefore, if your Thai woman is causing you too much trouble and you have to leave her, please come up with a plan with some good help.

Ideally, you should consult with a professional dating coach who can assist you in this regard well because this isn’t a small decision – you are breaking up with your Thai girl who has been with you for quite a while. If you want to leave the relationship safely, you must have a sound plan that actually works for you. For example, if you are living with your Thai beauty, you may need to put all your important documents in your office first because you don’t want her to keep any of your ID documents. In other words, avoid keeping your important ID documents at home! Also, if you have anything valuable in the house, make sure you take them out and store them somewhere else, e.g. your parent’s house. I know breaking up with someone may involve a lot of messy logistics, but you just have to deal with it.

your Thai beauty
Consult with a lawyer if it’s necessary. Please note that some long-term relationships are considered to be marriages in many countries. If this is the case in your country, you might even have to engage a lawyer in advance so that your finances can be protected well. If your Thai lady is a greedy, toxic and manipulative b*tch, you have to be very, very, very, very careful. Always ask for a family lawyer’s opinion first. For instance, if you have lived with your girlfriend from Thailand for 12 months and both of you are living in Australia, she is actually entitled to half of your asset. Hence, you’d better consult a good lawyer before taking any real action. Sometimes the divorce rate in Australia is 66%, and family lawyers make a lot of money as a result. But you don’t necessarily have to hire an expensive lawyer. You can use free legal aid in Australia which is available to everyone. Alternatively, you can engage a reputable and relatively cheap lawyer to help you with this issue. Just don’t be naïve and assume you already know everything. Better safe than sorry! So, please invest in good legal advice to protect yourself in the first place.

toxic Thai girlfriend
Make her want to leave you. The breakup will be much easier if your woman from Thailand thinks it’s her idea to end the relationship. Thus, you can begin to give her reasons to dump you instead. For example, you can create some problems in your relationship such as stop having s*x with her. If her libido is high, she will want to sleep with some other guy. Better still, you can even get your best friend to seduce her, and then you catch them while they are in bed together. In this way, you can easily break up with this lady from Thailand without a problem. But please make sure she doesn’t know what is happening. Otherwise, she will hate you for a very long time. Another example is consistently doing something that she dislikes in the bedroom, so she will want to leave you as soon as possible. This is a very effective strategy if she is a Scorpio because Scorpio women want to end relationships that don’t have good intimacy in the bedroom.

some toxic Thai ladies.
Introduce your Thai stunner to rich men. Some ladies from Thailand are gold-diggers who want to date wealthy men for money and visa. As a consequence, you might want to deliberately let her know the fact that websites such as Seeking Arrangement exist. A case in point is watching YouTube videos about sugar daddy dating advice as a comedy show on the computer with your Thai girlfriend, and then she will be aware of the sugar bowl. Once she becomes thirsty and greedy, she will probably want to join a sugar daddy dating site and dump you. And that’s exactly what you want. Mission accomplished. You are welcome. Another way to do it is to take her to a sugar daddies’ party. In fact, Seeking Arrangement organizes parties for sugar babies and sugar daddies regularly in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, etc. Therefore, you can take your girl from Thailand to one of these luxury parties and introduce her to some wealthy men. You can say, “Let’s go to an upscale party and meet some powerful men. I think that will be good for my career in the future.” Then your beauty from Thailand will want to go there with you. When she meets a charming millionaire man, she will probably forget you quickly because all women want to date up, including Thai women. That’s old news.

lady from Thailand
A breakup doesn’t have to be painful because your interpretation and your understanding of the situation is everything. Some men think breakups are extremely painful, including Owen Cook (RSD Tyler) who had a very bad breakup in 2014 when Julien Blanc became the most hated man in the world due to his media scandal. We all know that Owen Cook has been a pickup artist for many years and even he finds it very difficult during a breakup. He was literally crying when he was reading a book about women with personality disorders because every page was telling him why his ex was behaving like that. Of course, it’s important to read more and learn more about female psychology. But we have to clarify that what happens in your life isn’t that important, because what’s more important is how you react to what happens in your life. The difference between Person A and Person B isn’t the experiences that they went through; the real differences between two individuals is actually how differently they interpret what happened to them in life. Hence, you would be well-advised to reframe the situation and look at the positive side of things. In this way, your breakup with a toxic Thai woman wouldn’t be too difficult. Here is a recommendation: Read Dr Christiane Northrup’s book Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power – Although this book’s target audience is women, its content is still useful. In this book, Dr Northrup claims that women who are hardworking, highly sensitive, looking for creativity and spontaneity in life tend to be targeted by energy vampires. I guess ambitious, hardworking men can also be easily targeted by energy vampires like some toxic Thai ladies.

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  • What a pile of crap. Treat her bad in the bedroom? Have your best friend seduce her? What kind of moron came up with these suggestions? I hope he didn’t get payed.

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