What Are Pretty Women’s Sexual Fantasies?

Pretty Women’s Sexual Fantasies

In English-speaking countries and most countries in Asia, women aren’t allowed to express their sexuality freely (or at least not as freely as women in Italy and Spain do). But in fact, when we were born, everyone was equal in this regard – every woman has something that they are born with: sexuality. This is just a natural part of being a human being. So, what are hot women’s common sexual fantasies?

We have interviewed four interesting women who are open-minded enough to share their fantasies with us.

common sexual fantasies
Ellie C. (27, Sydney, university lecturer): “My hobby is reading, but most people don’t know that I mostly read erotica. My family and friends think I read books about economics which is the course that I teach at university, but that’s not true. Honestly, I probably spend at least 60% of my spare time reading erotica. My favorite book is Jade Seashell’s A Seductress’ Confession because that book is the only intelligent erotic book that I’ve ever read in my life. My sexual fantasy is making love with a man on a rice mountain – just like what Ruby does in A Seductress’ Confession. I know I’m a pretty girl based on how men treat me, but I think I’ll definitely become prettier if my sexual fantasies can come true. So, now I’m looking for a guy who doesn’t judge me for my fantasies and can allow me to express my sexuality freely. I think I’ll find my dream guy because Australian culture is quite open-minded.”

express my sexuality freely
Anita B. (35, New York City, freelance writer): “I moved to New York in 2012 and became a freelance writer because I was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw, the ultimate sexy woman. In fact, since 1998, Sex and the City has been my favorite TV show and Carrie Bradshaw is my idol. At the beginning, work was very hard because most writers can’t actually make a living by writing. I know the majority of writers make a living by teaching English or teaching writing. Only a small number of writers can live on their royalty checks. And not everyone is lucky enough to become J. K. Rowling – Let’s be honest – how many people have become billionaires by writing? Therefore, my first year in New York City was very difficult. However, as I didn’t have much work to do at that time, I had a lot of energy to fantasize men, which gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas to write about later. Two years later, I started an account on UpWork.com and became a freelance writer helping people worldwide. From that moment on, my life has changed completely because I make 6 figures a year now. Currently, my sexual fantasy is making love with a man on a bed of cash. You may say that’s crazy. But do you know that’s exactly what financial coach Kate Northrup does with her husband? The more intimacy they have, the more money they make. That’s especially true when sex is had on top of money – money and sexuality come from the same origin in terms of spirituality and chakra. Kate Northrup is a creative, intelligent and gorgeous woman who understands sexuality and business!”

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Claire Y. (24, Los Angeles, model): “Being a model in Los Angeles sounds so glamorous, but the reality is that it’s an extremely stressful job unless I’m already a super model. Most models in L.A. have to have other jobs such as working as a waitress and waiting tables in cafes or restaurants. A lot of us are sugar babies and Miranda Kerr-wannabes. I was a cocktail waitress (not too bad), but I didn’t like working late at night as my health is more important than money. Since I hate waiting tables, I quit the waitress’ job last year and joined a sugar baby dating site. I only have modelling gigs occasionally and I still need to have an income to support myself. That’s why I have to join a sugar daddy dating website. Now I’m dating a 58-year-old obese sugar daddy that I’m not attracted to, but he gives me allowance. Therefore, my current sexual fantasy is to find a good-looking sugar daddy that can meet my sexual needs and financial needs at the same time. Am I asking for too much?”

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Mary V. (39, London, PR agent): “I have my own PR agency in London, so I look like a very successful woman – just like Samantha Jones. And I secretly feel attracted to younger men every day. Sometimes when I’m walking along the street, I fantasize several young men – I dream about making out with them in the corner of the street; I imagine kissing a young guy’s soft lips while being hugged by him so closely and intimately; I even want to jump some guys on the spot. But I know I can’t do that. Being a woman has many limitations. For instance, I can’t approach men and physically escalate on men in the street because most men would freak out – they think they are supposed to approach women. Therefore, I have to wait for men to approach me. I know I’m a beautiful woman and I will be approached by men. But London is such a boring place because people in this city aren’t into talking to strangers in the street. Currently I’m reading Liam McRae’s book Rapid Escalation in which he describes the details of him penetrating random women that he met in the street. I usually masturbate when I read each chapter of this book because every story is so irresistible!”

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  • Making it short for people who don’t have time to waste:
    Pretty women’s sexual fantasies “seemingly” are:
    – Fucking on a mountain of rice
    – Fucking on a mountain of cash
    – Fucking for a mountain of cash without any feelings
    – Fucking random young boys in the street

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