The reality of senior dating in 2019

senior dating in 2019

Over 60 dating is an exciting experience; however, a lot of senior singles haven’t been in the dating department for quite a while. That’s because those individuals were married for many years and then they got divorced later. So, let’s take a look at the reality of senior dating in this day and age.

Dating over 60 is definitely easier for men.

senior daters•  Statistics show that there are more single women than single men when people are over 55 years of age. Meanwhile, women’s life span is longer, so there are surely more single women than single men after 60 years of age. As a result, dating over 60 is oftentimes much easier for men because men can meet a lot of mature women looking for love nowadays and choose the right woman easily.

Meeting senior singles via URL and IRL:

senior cougar•  In contemporary society, almost everyone is swiping left or right as long as they are single because online dating apps are extremely popular now, which is very different from ten years ago. Therefore, meeting someone via URL is very commonplace these days. However, a lot of senior singles also prefer meeting someone new via IRL (in real life), so they join book clubs, cruise trips, salsa dance classes, and so forth. This is indeed a very effective way to meet someone suitable because those who want to do the same activity often have the same hobby and similar values.

The success rate of senior dating sites/apps is much higher than mainstream dating apps/sites.

•  Most mainstream dating sites/apps perform reasonably well in this day and age because most singles have joined these dating platforms to look for love online – online dating isn’t a taboo topic anymore. Yet compared to senior dating websites and apps, mainstream dating platforms aren’t extremely good in terms of success rate. That’s because most mainstream dating platforms such as Tinder and Bumble are more about speed rather than quality. A good-looking guy on Bumble or Tinder can easily get over 3000 matches a week, so he may not spend enough time looking at each woman’s dating profile carefully. However, when senior singles are looking for love online, they tend to spend more time reading every member’s dating profile carefully. Also, because senior singles have more experiences in life, they have a better understanding of love and marriage. Hence, mature daters usually know how to manage their dating lives well, which leads to a higher success rate on senior dating apps and websites.

Love has nothing to do with age.

Meeting senior singles•  No matter you are 18 or 81, you are always entitled to love because you only live once. Therefore, more and more senior daters decide to start a new chapter in their love lives after 50 years of age. Indeed, dating after 50 can be satisfying, stimulating and enlightening if you do it in the right way. And love really has nothing to do with an individual’s age. In fact, love keeps you young at heart forever.

lot of senior singlesA growing number of senior daters choose to sign pre-nups before getting married again.

•  Getting married again in your 50s or 60s can be very exciting, but you also need to learn how to protect your own wealth. As most senior daters have accumulated a significant amount of money at this stage in their lives, they would be well-advised to invest in good legal advice and see how they can best protect their money effectively before remarry someone. As a result, signing a pre-nup is necessary if you are a rich woman or a rich guy getting married again in your golden years.

You may want to re-write your Will before you remarry.

senior dating apps•  Lawyers will probably tell senior daters to look at their Wills again before getting married in their 50s or 60s because that’s another important part of their personal finances in the long term. Of course, we are not thinking about our Wills now, especially when we are so in love with someone special. However, if you have adult children and you would like to give your money to your kids in the future, you should definitely rewrite your Will before you remarry. That’s because your new husband or wife is entitled to half of your money if this marriage doesn’t work out in the end – your new wife or husband can automatically enter your Will if you don’t rewrite it now. As a consequence, it is very important to consult with a lawyer before you consider marrying someone hot.

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