What kind of men can benefit from the best dating sites in 2020?

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After working with the best dating websites in 2020, I’ve realized that some men can surely benefit from online dating. Yet it really depends on which kind of dating it is.

  • On elite dating sites, guys certainly have it easier.

Research from elite dating websites suggests that 79% of their users are ladies and 21% of their users are gentlemen. What does that tell you?

Well, we still live in a patriarchy in which guys possess more money, power, status and resources. Most successful businesses are run by men. Now you may wonder, “Since most successful people are men, why do we see more men than women on elite dating sites?”

Actually, most successful men don’t even need to join an elite dating site because they are already surrounded by hot girls offline! Yet it’s much harder for average women to meet high-value men in real life; consequently, a lot of women have decided to join elite dating websites instead, hoping to meet successful men online.

That also means men on elite dating sites definitely have it much easier – they have so many options on the dating site!many more guys than girls

  • Guys on mainstream-friendly dating sites obviously do not have it easier at all.

Sadly, guys on mainstream-friendly dating websites find it quite hard to meet hot girls. Realistically, there are many more guys than girls on most mainstream-friendly dating sites due to the current mainstream culture which feeds a woman’s devil by encouraging her to sleep with high-status men instead of finding a good man and getting married.

Yes, most elite dating sites (including the best dating sites 2020) charge membership fees. Therefore, the majority of guys are on free dating sites. But on a free dating website, a guy is competing with millions of men who are looking to get laid and an average girl literally receives thousands of messages from different dudes every day.

But don’t worry. There is still hope! Marriageable men can still meet good women on a mainstream-friendly dating site, as many ladies on elite dating sites aren’t really looking for a commitment (they are looking for NSA arrangements with sugar daddies). In contrast, most ladies on mainstream-friendly dating sites are looking for real relationships that are sustainable and meaningful.

Yet when men are on a free dating site, they are probably not looking to get married because a lot of them are looking for casual relationships – the hook-up culture is real! A study shows that when men are not paying membership fees on a dating site, they tend to look for casual flings. But when men are paying membership fees, they take it more seriously and would like to find long-term relationships!best free date apps

  • On the best dating site 2020, how do we define a “marriageable guy”?

Three decades ago, so long as a man looked decent and had a job, he was very marriageable. However, today, many ladies have very unrealistic expectations in terms of looking for husbands.

I think a marriageable guy is a man who has already figured out his long-term goals, has good manners and knows how to treat women in the right ways. And many dating experts from the best dating sites in 2020 agree with me.

I asked many ladies on the best dating site 2020: “What kind of men are marriageable men?” & they gave me a wish list:

  1. He must be good-looking.
  2. He must be someone that I truly admire.
  3. The Chemistry should have a capital C.
  4. He wants to commit.
  5. His personality and my personality must be compatible.
  6. He must be wealthy.
  7. He should have some kind of fame.
  8. He should have a powerful social circle.
  9. He must be really confident.
  10. He is supposed to come from a good family.
  11. He has to be well-educated.
  12. He has to be intelligent.
  13. He has to have a good sense of humour.
  14. He has to be kind.
  15. He has to be generous.
  16. He has to be polite.
  17. He has to be respectful.
  18. He has to be open-minded.
  19. He has to be loyal.

…..best dating sites in 2020

After that, I asked these ladies an uncomfortable question: “These all sound great. Nevertheless, there are a lot of hot girls on the best dating site 2020, so beauty is common. What can you offer high-value men? Why would a high-value man marry you?

These ladies probably didn’t like that question, so they didn’t respond to my message.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty sure it’s perfectly okay to have very high standards. Having said that, your standards have to match your skills. This is not the most pleasant thing to say, yet it’s the raw truth.

I know the last thing a lady would like to hear is to lower her standards. Nonetheless, the truth is if a lady keeps extremely high standards for too long, she probably won’t get what she desires. In other words, her standards are in the way.

No, I am not asking women to lower their standards. I’m just saying ladies need to have realistic standards that match their dating skills. If a girl cannot have very realistic standards, then she would be well-advised to change her long-term goals. And there is nothing wrong with that.best apps dating

For instance, Pauline wants to meet a good man on the best dating site 2020 and start a family. She must have practical and realistic standards, so she clarified which standards are non-negotiable and which standards are actuallynegotiable.

Molly wants to find a successful man on the best dating site in 2020 and date up. She has figured out that most successful guys are not single, so she has changed her goals: previously, she was looking for a rich husband, but now she is looking to meet rich men (she doesn’t have to get married anymore).

Quote: “If a lady is unwilling to change her standards, she needs to change her long-term goals.”

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