5 Things to Know Before You Start Dating Peruvian Women

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Dating Peruvian women is not unlike dating any other kind of Latin-American women. On the good side, these ladies are passionate and romantic, while on the bad side, they can be dramatic and materialistic. However, there are several different types of Peruvian girls that could meet and, therefore, it would be wrong to assume that they are all the same.

Peruvian women are not acclaimed for their appearance as Venezuelan or Colombian girls, per say, but they are far more polite, friendly and welcoming than those neighboring ladies.

Taking into consideration how many varieties of Peruvian girls are out there, we created a short, easy to understand guide with the basic do’s and don’ts about dating Peruvian women, including some of the things that separate them from ladies with other nationalities. Keep on reading and get ready to make women from Peru fall in love with you!

What to Know About Dating Peruvian Women

1) Peruvian women are native Spanish speakers. Although some of them are fluent in English, learning (at least) basic Spanish will benefit you to avoid misunderstandings with a Peruvian girl. Whatever your intentions may be, being upfront will be appreciated by Peruvian women, especially if you address them in their language. Furthermore, it’ll probably break the ice if you ask her to teach you some Spanish, showing that you are interested in her culture and traditions. There are also plenty of translating apps that you can use in your quest to learn their beautiful language.

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2) Peruvian women are hopeless romantics. As mentioned before, these ladies love all kinds of romantic gestures such as flowers, chocolate, holding hands, kissing, anything that they have seen in movies or read about in novels! If you’re tired of cold girls who usually go straight to the point, Peruvians, with their tendency to be sweet and caring, are right up your alley! On the other hand, taking into account their normal behavior in dating and relationships, they will expect you to be just as romantic as them if not more. If old-fashioned romance is not what you like, then you may consider dating a more modern Peruvian girl and telling her what you like right away.

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3) Peruvian women are into foreign men. If you visit Lima (Peru’s capital and its bigger city), you’ll find many Peruvian girls who will be immediately attracted to you, based on the fact that you are from another country. This gives you an advantage at dating Peruvian women, but please keep in mind that, if you want to be involved in a serious relationship with a girl from Peru, something purely physical won’t cut it.

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“Whatever your intentions may be, being upfront will be appreciated by Peruvian women, especially if you address them in their language”

4) Peruvian women regularly use dating apps. While, in the past, most Peruvian women were very traditional when it came down to meeting men, nowadays, you will catch a lot of them of dating apps such as Tinder. In Lima, particularly, you’ll have plenty to choose from while swiping, which will make things easier for you, especially because you will be able to know who speaks English and who doesn’t from the get-go. It goes without saying that Peruvian women on dating apps are the most modern, open-minded out of the bunch, so you are more likely to have fun with them if you know what I mean.

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5) Peruvian women have a lot of friends. Another thing I said earlier is that Peruvian girls are incredibly friendly and, as a result, they have a big group of friends that you will probably hang out with, every once in a while. While one-on-one interactions are guaranteed, be prepared to deal with lots of birthday parties and social gatherings when dating Peruvian women.

What do you think about dating Peruvian women after reading this guide? Let us know in the comment section!

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  • I completely agree that Tinder is the best place to meet Peru women. This app is the most downloaded app among Peru population. And in fact, most of the girls don’t want to date local guys, they want to start relationships with foreigners and leave their country. Sometimes these girls are so persistent that it seems that they are ready to do anything you want in order to move to the USA or Europe. That’s why it’s better to be attentive while communicating with Peru girls and do all your best to realize all her true intentions.

    • This is true nonsense. Peruvian girls like their country and traditions. They respect their families and don’t look for the opportunity to leave as soon as possible.

      • According to the current situation in the country, Peruvian women are still discriminated, facing many challenges in trying to achieve social equality. For example, an average Peruvian women earns 46% less than men. After all, employers are happy to take them to work, because they can pay less. In addition, women are much less likely than men to manage leadership positions or to be promoted. Another serious problem is widespread domestic violence, which affects almost 50% of Peruvians. That’s why Peruvian women are looking for the best opportunity to build relationships with foreigners and leave the country to avoid inequality.

  • Despite the fact that Peru’s women have virtually no legal rights, many of them always retain their right to remain attractive and feminine. Peruvian girls resort to certain measures to preserve their beauty. For example, most Peruvians do not smoke, and those who smoke do so extremely rarely. Many of them eat Maca, which is often called Peruvian ginseng (medicinal plant – a powerful natural aphrodisiac). They do this in order to remain attractive and full of energy as long as possible. And almost none of them have problems with obesity.

    • Frankly speaking, girls who are descendants of indigenous Indians (there are more than 45% of them in the country) basically do not differ in beauty. If you ask a South American who has been to Peru what he thinks about typical Peruvian girls, you will most likely be told that they look like “orcs”. Of course, if we talk about the majority of women then Peruvians apparently lag far behind Colombians or Brazilians. It is true, there are not so many beautiful girls in Peru, but those who take care of themselves and know how to use cosmetics are extremely charming. This mainly refers to residents of large cities, first of all Lima and Arequipa, where, according to Peruvians themselves, the most attractive Peruvian girls live. Usually they are relatively tall, have dark skin, white teeth, wavy dark or black hair and dark brown eyes. High heels, bright clothes, a lot of jewelry and makeup are the norm for them.

    • i quit smoking don’t want to die from it, but i do drink maca for building strong bones so i can kick ass, also Peruvian women are exotic we pass as asians more than ourselfs; i lived in lima and everyone thought i was from japan or chinese lol but i’m 100% peruvian my eyes tells a different story jeje, i always envy my cousin with her 20+friends i am shy timid with a tight knit circle of friends that consist of 5 peeps any more i have to start questioning them like a fbi agent. but we have great food and pisco!!!

  • What a load of rubbish.

    I am in Peru and have spent two months in Colombia. Though Colombia has beautiful women, most of them aren’t – most of them are short, chubby, have shit tattoos and massive asses – there is no way on gods green earth they are miles better than Peruvian women, the one thing Colombians have over Peruvians if you have a racial bias is that a lot of Colombian women can pass as white whereas of course – a lot of Peruvian women cannot – but if you’re not bothered about how white a woman is then Peru is far better.

    First of all they’re slimmer and don’t have humongous arses, secondly – they’re not stuffed full of plastic surgery, third – less shit tattoos that seem to plague Colombian women and last but not least – you can talk to them and they’re somewhat pleasant. Saying that, a lot of Colombian women are also pleasant.

    Now I am in Peru, I see attractive girls every day – yes, even the more indigenous women – some right belters there!

    • Thank you Dave.

      I’m sure people is talking about people from Europe or countries where everyone is PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL.

      In the world we can find people with surgeries , fills, make up, etc.. and people with values and morals or without it! , people trying to find a husband with money and have children to get benefits.. ooh.. one second, in South America we don’t have benefits (as advantage) for our children!

      Who wrote this fake info about Peruvians is being racist and discriminatory .. Peruvians are very hard workers, as women in South America and around the world.
      Peruvian women are not responsible of superficial and lustful behavior of new generations. People who want a rich men or easy life exist in all countries but now it turns out that if a Peruvian woman fall in love with a man’s physique ( different skin colour or eyes) it means that you want him to take you out of the country. How ridiculous and how much discrimination, does not a European fall in love with another skin color or black/brown eyes? but they are not Peruvians, they have the right to do so without being criticized?

      To those who do not know.. in Peru when a man asks you go out or tells you that he likes you and if he kisses you or has sex with you it means he want something really serious and you probably will get married , because our peruvian men do it.
      If a Peruvian woman is expecting gifts , flowers, chocolates, any type of presents it is normal in Peru! Why to say Peruvian are materialists for wanting that?
      We buy gifts for all our friends, family, pets , etc and we like to give ourselves love gestures in this way. This is how a Peruvian man expresses love, who wants something with you, even if he wants a simple kiss on the cheek, it does not mean that we are materialistic people, nor that we live watching romantic movies and we want to copy that. Our Peruvian men, parents, brothers, grandparents , friends, neighbors, school teachers have educated and taught us to live that way and we love our way, all Peruvian women and all Peruvian men.

      If in other countries they want everything easy and they believe they deserve to have sex with every woman they choose, respect it but do not write false information about Peruvians creating a distorted image of our Peruvian customs and culture because it is generating negative feelings in many people reading it and affecting the dignity of Peruvian women.

      A Peruvian woman is faithful, honest and loyal. If you don’t want love, don’t make them fall in love. And tell to them, “I just want to use you as a sexual object for my holidays like I use women in my European country” so they can see your real intentions.. but what could happens later?… I would be happy to see that! because in Peru the laws protect women and who offers them situations of this nature can be considered sexual harassment and worse criminal offenses. It is not like in their countries where on the first date they kiss and sleep with an unknown woman and they do not see her anymore and nothing happens.

      In Peru if you find someone who gives sex easily on the first day, probably you should live your whole life with venereal diseases. Or should pay for that service probably is not a normal woman, only you met a sexual worker and maybe she is not Peruvian.

      I hope people can report this website to the authorities because it is completely racist and discriminatory . False information.


      A peruvian woman

  • To William2
    Where did you get the information that Peruvian women “have virtually no legal rights”? It is pretty irresponsible to write on a public site like this, such unfounded and uninformed statement.
    I am a woman from Peru and unless you correct your untruthful statement here, you will soon hear of how I am excercising my rights towards you!
    It beggars belief to read and hear how ignorance can prompt people to proclaim themselves the authorities in matters they know nothing about.
    For those of you interested in serious information about women (or any other matter) from my country, I would encourage you to refer to reliable sources.

  • Based on the information here about Peruvian women I am more interested in dating one since they offer alot of what I seek in a woman. They sound very interesting.

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