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MegaPersonals Review

According to our recent research, is a legitimate site, so it’s definitely not a scam.

Why does com grow so fast?

Because Backpage (an online escort service) was shut down by the establishment in 2018, a new similar website is growing really fast right now. Although prostitution is illegal in some countries, it is actually legal in other countries. As a matter of fact, it is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, so there must be a reason for that.

women seeking women and trans

How does com work?

When you visit, you will need to agree with their terms and conditions before you get started. Also, you have to be at least 21 years old to join this site. You can post an ad for free and change your location. There are five options: women seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men, women seeking women and trans. It’s for people who want to meet now. You can respond to ads via text message, phone or email. Therefore, it’s nice and handy. That being said, they also offer premium services which may require a fee.


  • It is a free service. 😊
  • Its premium option gives you extra protection.
  • com is a safe website, as evidenced by its security level check on in 2019.
  • com has a lot of visitors every single day and many other websites link to this website. That means is considered useful and relevant by others in the industry.
  • There are many hot women joining com every day.


  • Because of the high traffic on the site, com seems to be slower than the average site out there. Another reason is is possibly hosted on a shared web server, so it shares its server with other sites.
  • Some women complain that their profile photos were changed by the site due to a technical problem, so this isn’t helping them to interact with men
  • According to the news, an undercover police officer placed an ad on com in order to get men to respond to the ad & meet local women at motels. This action is about trying to reduce human trafficking. This police officer posted a personal ad with 4 pictures of a blonde lady dressed in a sexy bra – its title is “sexy college beauty” & its rates ranged from $50 to $150 per hour, so obviously, it all depends on what men are looking for in the bedroom. Then a guy sent a text message to this police officer and went to a motel in order to meet this sexy college babe, but he was arrested by the police officer after he stepped out of his car. At the beginning, this man denied his intention, but later on he admitted that he was about to pay $80 for prostitution. Altogether, police officers arrested 8 men within 2 days. Apparently, a much easier approach is to have a video call with the woman before meeting her in person.

women seeking men


It is clear that is a free website, but it may ask for your billing information while offering you a premium service which saves you time, because for many people, time is more valuable than money – people also pay for convenience.

What do experts say?

“If you live in a country where prostitution is legal, then you might try because it works pretty well most of the time. But you can’t break the law.” (Jade Seashell, Australian author and columnist)

“In some cultures, prostitution is actually safer than traditional relationships and marriages which may ruin your life forever. Just look at how many people are depressed and anxious because of a divorce & how many people’s finances are completely f*cked up by a divorce.” (Curt Coch, Founder of

“Nevada is the only place which allows some legal prostitution in the United States, so if you live in Nevada, you may consider joining today. That being said, women that you meet via this site should come from licensed brothels in Nevada.” (Alex Ainsworth, CEO of Brilic dating app)

sexy girls dating

What do users say?

“I’m an escort in Australia where prostitution is legal, so I’ve joined to look for clients. I think this website is very easy to use because it’s much easier than walking the streets every day. Most men that I’ve met via this website are wealthy, generous and kind gentlemen. Therefore, I highly recommend to other escorts who are looking for more clients in record time.” (Tamara N., 22, Australia)

“I’m a prostitute in Germany where prostitution is legal and regulated; hence, I’ve posted a personal ad on & the results are amazing. I have got several repeat customers who are high-value, well-mannered and educated. I even want to marry one of them if it’s possible.” (Anna W., 23, Germany)

“In fact, I have a good job in a well-known company, but I want to make more money. Who doesn’t like money? So, I joined to make some quick cash & it really works! One of my clients have become my mentor who introduced his powerful connections to me – people think he is just a friend of mine. Now I’m much more successful than other women in this age group because I have access to more resources in terms of career and life. My salary at the firm that I’m working for is decent, and now I also make loads of money outside this company by sleeping with my rich clients and working on other projects to monetize my various passions.” (Mia D., 25, Switzerland)

meet local women at motels

“I’m a man who has used before. Frankly, most women on this site are very nice, hot and smart. Some women that I’ve slept with via this website are well-educated with professional jobs – they are just making some extra cash, which is fair enough. I think that’s exactly why they get ahead in life and at work faster than most ladies who aren’t switched-on enough.” (Lucas C., 29, Netherlands)

“I’m a guy who joined to look for something that I can’t get in real life. Honestly, I find the entire ‘game’ thing too complicated for me, so I just need a short-cut quickly. Fortunately, is a dream come true because it brings me results within 1 day. Women on this site are polite, intelligent and attractive.” (Simon G., 30, Austria)

“As a repeat customer on, I find this site very user-friendly and reliable. I never had an issue with it, although the news says some undercover police officers and detectives are pretending to be escorts on this site in order to arrest men who are paying for this service – I guess that probably only happens in the United States where prostitution is illegal. It’s certainly not a problem in my country because prostitution is totally legal here. Actually, a lot of Greek women who were affected by the economic crisis in Greece have turned to prostitution due to poverty, so I don’t blame them. I’m grateful that this profession exists and it’s legal here.” (AdrianK., 32, Greece)

lot of Greek women

Final verdict:

You should totally try if prostitution is legal in your location, no matter you are a woman or a man, because you will get exactly what you want without playing games, wasting time or entering highly stressful relationships.


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