The Pros and Cons of Dating Haitian Women

The Pros and Cons of Dating Haitian Women

Dating Haitian women is either recommended or adviced against by men from all over the world, depending on who you ask. While they are not known for their beauty like Dominican women (their neighbors), their dark, chocolate skin can be extremely charming for anyone who visits them in their caribbean country or meet them somewhere else.

However, some Haitian women believe in the power of voodoo and that can scare men away who think these girl may put a spell on them, not in a sexy, movie-like way. While voodoo is still strong in Haiti and there are even festivals built around it, you are also very likely to meet catholic Haitian women who may not be as frightening to you, so don’t be close-minded with their religious values.

On this post, we’ll run through the pros, the cons and the in-betweens of dating Haitian women to share some knowledge and tips that you could use to make them fall in love with you. Keep reading to find out what you need to know before you try to persuade a Haitian beauty into going out with you.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Haitian Women

1) Haitian women don’t have the best English

Communicating with Haitian women can be a bit of a challenge for English speakers. You may be luckier if you are able to speak French since most of them use either French or Creole (a French-like language) to talk.

However, it may still be hard to understand exactly what a Haitian lady is trying to tell you, so you should try to confirm everything she’s saying by asking more than once. Their body language is also a good way to read their intentions, which is why you should keep your eyes on them at all times.

A Haitian girl won’t be afraid to stare at you if she feels attracted because she sees you as a way better alternative to the usually abusive men in their country. Please, treat them with respect and kindness, even if you are not looking to marry a Haitian woman.

Communicating with Haitian women

2) Haitian women are traditional

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to split the bill at dinner or if you are looking for an independent girl, you may be disappointed while dating Haitian women.

Haitian girls are not the most modern, forward-thinking in the world and they have a tendency to see their man as a savior, even if they don’t admit it. They want a man who can pay the bills while they stay at home cooking and making sure that everything is organized and/or clean.

This can either be a pro or a con depending of the kind of girl you like and what your economical situation is. However, if you want to settle down and need a stay-at-home kind of girl who also happens to be an amazing cook, then trust that Haitian women are right up your alley!

“Haitian girls are not the most modern, forward-thinking in the world and they have a tendency to see their man as a savior, even if they don’t admit it.”

dating Haitian women

3) Haitian women are superstitious

The biggest challenge when it comes to dating Haitian women is probably how superstitious they can be. If you’re a skeptical, you may find yourself annoyed by their weird beliefs and how they take everything as a sign of the universe. Even the smallest things.

Not only are they really into religion (whether it is voodoo or catholicism), they look for a meaning in their dreams, the things that happen to them on a daily basis and even a certain look or gesture that you gave them, which is why you need to be aware of the signals you are sending at all times, and that can be exhausting.

marry a Haitian woman

4) Haitian women treat their men like kings

The biggest pro about dating Haitian women, the one that makes the cons more tolerable is the fact that they know how to treat a man, making him feel like a king, pampering and respecting him in every occasion.

After all, a Haitian girl knows a thing or two about dealing with difficult men and, therefore, you’ll feel like she has wanted you throughout her entire life and she will let you know how appreciated and important you are for her, with or without words.

meet gaiti women

What do you think about this post? Is there anything else we should know about dating Haitian women? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Dear author! Probably, you’ve been writing about women from rich families, those who have time and opportunity to take care of themselves, to study at school, etc. But have you ever met simple rural girls? Why don’t you write about them? They are also a part of Haiti! The life of simple rural Haitian women is monotonous and unpretentious. They get up early in the morning, work around the house in the hut, sweep the dusty ground, go to the river to get water, cook food on the coals of the fire. However, most of the time, according to my observations, they do laundry in the river, gather in groups and have a full day of loud conversations about how hard it is to live. There is no water in the huts, the main source is river water. They don’t go to schools, because this is too expensive. In terms of literacy, they are content with free study sessions at a Sunday school. Trade is the only occupation that brings income to the village woman.

    • But this is the small part of the population over there. Such women usually are not interested in the relationships with foreigners. They are shy and obedient creatures, who listen to their parents all the time. I think that the information above is provided about those girls who are ready to change something in their lives, who are not 100% traditional people and want to make their lives better. You shouldn’t judge no one and say that the author is hiding the truth about Haitian women.

  • I like the fact that Haitian girls respect their men and treat them in a proper manner. But it’s worth remembering that they also want to be treated well. If you are going to build relationships with these beautiful women, you should respect her, her traditions, language, family, country, etc. By the way, in my opinion, family means a lot for Haitian women. Adults usually live with their parents until they get married. It is not accepted to move out from parents when you’re 18. f the newlyweds want to live together, they live not far from their parents, but often several generations live in the same house. Loyalty to family ties is very important and is placed above personal achievements.

  • I am hesitating to say whether the author of this article has lots of misconceptions about Haitian women or is basically uneducated. I wonder if the author knew that the Haitian economy was greatly informal in which the women are the main agents. Furthermore, saying that Haitian men are extremely abusive makes me laugh. What if this assertion could be substantiated? The author state that the Haitian woman is traditional. What kind of traditions the Haitian woman’s behavior refer to? Gender role is rooted in the three major monotheistic religions which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Why would the Western German woman care about the education of her kids to the point of sacrificing her professional career? I am not going to linger as I get to understand that this is article was intented to display some prejudices as to dating Haitian women.

  • hey Guys dont even think for a second to date a Haitian Girl ….trust me on this one ….GOLD DIGGERS @ maximiun but they pretend NOT to be a gold diggers ….time will tell after dating for a coupe of months then u will find out the truth …it NOT what they say it is how they act …..she never cooked for me while dating never helped me clean up after I made lunch or dinner ….here u have it Guys …this article is total B S

  • Hi, as a Haitian women I’m happy at how respectful you were. Even when mentioning the cons you were respectful and understanding. Thank you for your point of view and asking others to respect Haitian women.

    • Haitian women are great souls. I’ve been dating Haitian women for some time now. Usually the one I other droughts is me because my experience with other women not from Haiti. There’s nothing more beautiful, caring, loyal, and stronger than an Haitian woman. I’m a white 40+ year white male dating a 20+ beautiful Haitian that I had no complains about other that I’m scare of loosing her to a younger man

  • I would love to have a relationship with a Haitian(woman)senior, I am a senior black American man🙂

  • You bet im dating a haitian women in her 30s she’s in working in the DR to help support her family Hard working caring I call her my Haitian princess !

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