Here’s Why You Should Start Dating Slovenian Women

Here’s Why You Should Start Dating Slovenian Women-min

Whether you are planning a visit to Slovenia or wondering if you should try to start dating Slovenian women where you live, there’s a couple of things you should know in order to make the most out of the experience, all of which will make you meet these beauties.

First of all, Slovenian women are simply stunning. Similarly to Italian women (one of their neighboring countries), they are known for having a strong beauty game, although they don’t feel they need to try that hard, which is why they usually prefer a more natural look.

However, dating Slovenian women won’t be a piece of cake for you. Most of them value long-term relationships because of their traditional values and are especially hard to get if you’re only looking to sleep with them. Nonetheless, the wait and effort is definitely worth it and, in this post, we’ll give you reasons to date Slavic women that won’t be able to refuse. Scroll down to find why you should start dating Slovenian women!

Reasons Why You Should Start Dating Slovenian Women

1) Slovenian women keep it casual

Unlike what you may think because of their incredible beauty, while dating Slovenian women, you’ll realize that they are not high maintenance at all and that, most of the time, they don’t feel the need to impress anyone with their looks.

This doesn’t mean that they are sloppy or they don’t care about their appearance, but they will always put comfort first and remain chill and relaxed, regardless of what they are doing, where they are going or who they are with.

Expect Slovenian women to look casually good no matter the occasion, but please make sure that you still look presentable on your dates with them. There’s a fine line between casual and messy.

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2) Slovenian women are athletic

This part of a Slovenian girl’s personality can either be a pro or a con depending on your interests and hobbies, but you have to know that Slovenian women are VERY athletic and love to be outdoors.

If you’re an adventurous guy, you’ll surely enjoy going for a hike or riding a bicycle next to your Slovenian beauty. However, if you’re rather a laidback man who enjoys staying in and watching movies, you may not be able to keep up with her.

On the other hand, there are exceptions, and you could meet Slovenian women who don’t enjoy sports and exercise as much, but that takes away a big part of the fun in dating Slovenian women, if you ask us.

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3) Slovenian women are always kind and friendly

Don’t worry too much about the stereotype of Slovenian women as cold, unapproachable girls. Something that will, for sure, help you out while dating Slovenian women is how friendly, kind and warm they are to people, even to strangers. They will even help you out with their language if you’re really willing and wanting to learn.

Unlike other European girls, an Slovene will be polite and open to meet a foreigner man like you whether it is in or out of their country, as long as they don’t feel pushed in any way, so don’t try to take advantage of their overall niceness while going out with them.

Like any reasonable human being, playing with a Slovenian woman’s heart or time won’t end up well and they will never speak to you again if you do it.

Unlike other European girls, an Slovene will be polite and open to meet a foreigner man like you whether it is in or out of their country.

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4) Slovenian women are honest

If you’re tired of girls playing games and guessing exactly what they mean in any conversations, you’ll love how honest Slovenian women usually are when it comes to matters of the heart, money and, pretty much, every subject.

If they’re unhappy for some reason or if something you did bothers them. Slovenian girls will tell you right away, whether you’re ready to hear it or not, which is refreshing on the long run because it will save you time trying to figure out where things stand between you and them.

How do you feel about dating Slovenian women after reading this? We hope you feel inspired to go out with an Slovene, but please let us know in the comments if there is something that we missed on this post. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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