The real reasons why Macao women are so hot

macau women

Macao women are the most attractive ladies in Southeast Asia. It is said that women from Macau have the best sense of fashion.

  • Ladies from Macao are fashion-conscious.

Strategy description: Simplify your makeup and accessories, so that you present one focus at a time.

Rationale:  Many women try too hard, and they are dressed to the nines.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But before we talk about that, let’s consider this scenario first:

You and your friends are sitting in a Chinese restaurant, and the waiter/waitress gives you the menu.  In almost every Chinese restaurant, the menu is like a book.  You and your friends are looking at the menu, browsing page after page.  On each page, there are at least 10-20 dishes that you may order.  Twenty minutes later, you still haven’t ordered yet, because you are trying to read the menu and figure out what each item is while having a discussion with your friends.  And then probably you will ask the waiter/waitress to explain what one particular dish really is, because the description is pretty hard to asian women

On the next day, you enter a fast-food restaurant, where the menu is listed above the counter.  The menu is simple: you either choose a chicken burger or a cheeseburger.  How long does it take for you to order your food?  You can probably decide what you want within 30 seconds.  And that’s how fast food restaurants work.

That’s also why successful Chinese restaurants must offer the world’s most delicious food and must have bigger tables for you to sit down and chill!  Honestly, nobody is going to spend 20 minutes ordering some food that tastes like fast food!

Now you get the gist: If you present too many things at a time, people have difficulty appreciating what you are presenting.  Have you noticed that usually a successful online product has a basic landing page (one-page website)?  That’s because the landing page presents one focus at a time so that customers can buy THIS product!

Then how does this principle apply to the way you present yourself?  Well, since you have understood why you don’t want to overwhelm anyone, you’d better have one focus at a time!  Therefore, it’s time to simplify your makeup and jewelry each time you want to be more presentable.

Speaking of makeup, either your eyes or your lips should be the focus.

Overwhelmingly smoky eyes shouldn’t be paired with bold and dark lips.  As to jewelry, try not to wear a statement necklace with statement earrings.  When it comes to your hands, do not wear bracelets, rings and nail colors at the same time, because that’s too “crowded and busy” and would definitely lose the focus.

I’m not saying you should ignore all other details.  What I would like to point out is: Simplify your makeup and accessories, so that the most beautiful part can become the real focus, thereby boosting your perceived beauty in a more intensive way.macau online women

  • Macao woman Ruby’s secret diary:

Macau lady Ruby’s diary – 29th May

I can sense that summer is drawing near.  And I love it.

I love it, because summer is the most freeing season—I can wear fewer clothes, and it literally feels like some weight being lifted from my shoulders and chest.

No matter if I am having s*x or not, my body is a sexual pleasure machine, especially when it’s in a freeing mode.  This is because I always keep my feminine energy (AKA water energy) simmering, and when summer is coming, the temperature is heating up my water energy.

“Wow, I can really feel it’s getting hot.”  John opens the bedroom curtain.

“Today is the last day of September.”  I sink into the soft chair in the bedroom, while gliding on my cream eye shadow.

“Are you ready for being my model for the last time in May, my gorgeous Macao girl?”  John asks.

“Yes. All done.”  I give him a seductive look.Macao women

John is preparing for a special collection, and I have been his body parts model this month.  Today, I am the eyes model.

“Wow.  Your eyes look stunning right now.”  John sounds very excited.

Actually, men like makeup; they just don’t know it.  For someone like John, who studied art at an advanced level, he probably knows it to some degree.  So, I say, “Because there is no distraction.  I will keep other areas on my face low-profile today.”

“Well said, Ruby.  How did you become so good at modelling?”  Clearly, my response aroused John’s curiosity.

“Because when I’m being your model, I’m not waiting for you to complete the painting.  Instead, I’m creating the sexual tension between you and me by visualizing and feeling the simmering energy.  I’m enjoying your attention, respect and appreciation while merging with the universe.  And when you finish the painting, my senses are all heightened already,” I reply with joy.

“When I am doing the painting, I can sense the hint of danger from you, my beautiful Macao stunner.  The reason why I can do it so well is because my sexual desire is going through the roof, and I express that through my painting!”  John continues, “As a result, my audience can feel my feelings, although they don’t know why!”best macao girl

As John keeps painting the picture, I am fully present with my water energy simmering—it’s like experiencing whole-body pleasure.

There is a difference between orgasm and pleasure.  In my experience, s*x is more about pleasure, and orgasm is only a by-product of s*x.

The entire month of May has been characterized by creating John’s new collection, which features female body parts as art.  I am his body parts model; he is the artist.  After each painting is completed, we make love and explore each other’s body and soul.  It is the hottest and most creative May in my life: art, s*x and adventure.  S*x has become an art form. I’m so lucky to be his Macao lady.

Because this time John is painting my eyes, he constantly looks at my eyes.  The process is like boiling my water energy when it’s already simmering, as I am really attracted to the way he looks at me—so much admiration, affection, passion and curiosity.  I can see the love light in John’s eyes.  There is always much more to explore and expect.

Every time, when John is doing the painting, we are already in foreplay mode.  In fact, our foreplay never ends—it flows in the air that we breathe in and out.

John has finished painting, and I feel like inviting his Johnson to my honey pot, which has been simmering for half an hour.

“Don’t move, John.” I give him a Johnson massage: I lick underneath and then up; I use both hands and mouth at the same time; I use my lips to caress the head of his Johnson.  This time, I am the artist, and his Johnson is the model.attractive ladies in Southeast Asia

Now, I get his Johnson to rest at the entrance to my honey pot.  I spend two minutes feeling the contact between the head of his Johnson and the lids of my honey pot.  It feels divine in my honeypot, in my pelvis, in my heart and in my whole body.  John looks in my eyes lovingly, and I close my eyes to feel this sensation before invitation/penetration.

Very slowly, I allow John to enter the honey pot, which has a high temperature.  My honeypot is enveloping his Johnson.  We are merging into one. I’m his Macao woman forever.

I get his Johnson to enter me fully, deeply and slowly.  Now his Johnson is completely inside my honeypot.  My honeypot is completely welcoming the fullness—all in slow motion.  Yes, my honeypot is now so full—every part of the honey pot is completely in touch with John’s Johnson—G-spot, A-spot and Ohhhhh-spot.  No place is missing out on this full pleasure.

As my v*ginal muscles contract slightly and gradually, I am caressing John’s Johnson with enticement.  But John is not moving, as I told him not to at the very beginning.

Now, I am moving my hips in circles to further enjoy the sensation.  John is totally intoxicated by the sensation as well.

Then I ask John to move inside my honeypot affectionately and slowly.  Our perfect presence (which is literally meditation) lays the foundation for our electric and wild s*x.

I unleash the s*x god in John, and he awakens the ultimate seductress in me.

Because John is still in his early 30s, I am looking forward to being penetrated, awakened and adored like this by John in my 90s.

Women from Macau are exciting, interesting and charming.

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