Handsome Men VS. Rich Men: Which Category is More Popular on the Best Dating Apps?

rich and handsome man in an expensive car

Have you ever wondered whether handsome men or rich men are more popular on the best dating apps in 2018? Are you a handsome man? Are you a rich man? What’s your market value in modern-day society? Now let’s dive into this topic and find out all the answers to your questions.

Our team set up two profiles on MeetMe, one of the best dating apps in 2018. One is a handsome man’s dating profile; the other is a rich man’s dating profile. And here’s their performance:a handsome half-naked man

The handsome man’s dating profie features a very attractive face and a sexy body. But nothing about his career is mentioned in his profile. In contrast, the rich man’s dating profile is mainly about his career success and net worth, as evidenced by his expensive car and luxury clothes in his photos. But he is not really good-looking. Now here are some very stimulating findings:

* When both profiles’ location is a city in the United States, the rich man’s profile gets more women’s attention. Apparently, women in the United States pay more attention to money and status due to the nature of the US society which is best characterized by the hope of the American dream. That’s understandable because the United States isn’t a country where poor people can get random money from the government easily. No wonder American women prefer rich men – if they marry men with limited resources, it’s harder for their future children to live a good life.

Whoever you meet and date is here to teach you who you really are.

* When both profiles’ location is a city in Europe, the handsome man’s profile performs much better. Many European countries enjoy great social welfare, i.e. their governments really look after citizens very well with all kinds of benefits. This is especially true in Northern and Western Europe. As a result, European women aren’t that interested in meeting rich and powerful men – they are not worried about the future of their children because everyone is looked after very well by the government anyway. Instead, most of them are looking for attractive and handsome men. That’s why the handsome man’s profile gets more attention when its location is a European city.

* MeetMe automatically promotes handsome men and rich men’s profiles on this great dating app. As a matter of fact, if your profile features a handsome man’s photos or a rich man’s elements, MeetMe would automatically promote your dating profile on this fantastic dating app. That’s because showing high quality profiles is an effective way to enhance the reputation of a good dating app. Consequently, your handsome or rich profile appears more frequently in front of women who also use this dating app for iPhone and Android. So if you are a handsome man or a rich man, downloading MeetMe on your phone is the fast-track to success with women today.a rich man in a solid suit

* Attractiveness and money are both key factors in terms of online dating, especially when you use the best dating apps such as MeetMe. If you have good looks, you need less money in order to get hot women. If you have money and status, you don’t have to look like a model in order to get beautiful girls. In other words, your sexiness and your success make dating a bit easier for you.

* The quality of women that you meet on a dating app for iPhone/Android increases as your dating profile features a handsome man’s photos or a rich man’s lifestyle. That means your good looks and money increase your market value, so you automatically attract high-value women who are pretty, intelligent and confident. In life, you don’t get what you want; you only get who you are. That is to say, you can only date the female version of yourself. Whoever you meet and date is here to teach you who you really are.

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