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A major survey reveals that an increasing number of men are looking for top 10 women on the best dating sites these days. 25 years ago, the majority of people who purchased Ginie Sayles’ books about how to marry up were ladies. However, in today’s day and age, more and more guys are reading Ginie Sayles’s books. Apparently, things have changed in the dating scene.

  • Top 10 women are on the best dating websites.

It seems that successful women should live in abundance, so they possibly don’t need to join Internet dating websites, right? But in reality, the majority of high-caliber ladies are very, very, very busy. For example, every girl boss that I’ve met lives a hectic lifestyle because they are extremely hardworking. Some of them work 90 hours a week.

As a result, these high-value ladies do not have enough time to socialize with others. Most successful ladies don’t operate like Samantha Jones whose job seems to be drinking and partying all day and all night, okay?looking to date

Realistically, female PR executives have to work really hard in order to help clients get a lot of media coverage. Their work is not glamourous!

That’s why many successful women have joined the best dating websites so as to find true love – it’s the modern fast-track to a satisfying love life.

Research on a cougar dating site shows that a lot of rich women are happy to send messages to handsome men proactively because they are more confident and don’t care about traditional expectations regarding why men should chase women.

Also, in real life, some men might freak out if they are approached by women because they assume that it is their job to chase women. Yet on a dating site, without face-to-face conversations, guys tend to feel comfortable while receiving messages from ladies online.

A popular dating book The Rules says ladies should never send messages to guys on a dating sitefirst. However, that is a dumb idea because modern ladies are not supposed to wait for the right guy to come. What if he never comes? So, empowered ladies should go for whoever they like!

  • Your version of a top 10 woman:

Every guy may have his definition of a top 10 woman. For some guys, a top 10 woman is an elegant woman. For other guys, a top 10 woman is a wealthy woman.

In fact, a lot of rich guys whose wives are fat and unattractive prefer rich women instead of pretty women. They basically married the money. Yes, many rich men want to marry rich ladies as they don’t want to marry down, which is totally understandable. Having said that, I also know A LOT OF rich guys prefer good-looking women rather than rich women because when a rich guy is seriously rich, he doesn’t care about whether his wife is rich or not – he only wants to find what he actually likes!free date sites

Defining your type of top 10 women helps you find the right candidate much faster because you have to know what you want before you get it!

There are many more hot women than rich women on the best dating sites because beauty is very common, but wealth is relatively rate.

  • Work on yourself and be a real man.

If you are looking to date out of your league, you must work on yourself. Note that successful women prefer successful men, so you need to figure out how to add value to your future partner’s life.

You are supposed to send messages to women on best dating websites first. That being said, you shouldn’t be a spammer. Actually, sending 50 generic messages to 50 women per day won’t take you far as high-caliber women are able to figure out how much you actually care by looking at the generic message such as “Hey, how are you?”date with a guy

Now, you may wonder how to personalize a message based on a top 10 woman’s dating profile, right? So, I’ve prepared some real examples for you below:

  • Hello Green_Eyed_Girl, I really like your online dating profile and pictures. Incidentally, I miss Savage Garden as well.” (In this example, this guy is just saying he likes her dating profile and pictures, yet he doesn’t mention he likes this woman; therefore, this woman must prove herself to him. Also, most ladies’ profile pictures are different from what they look like in real life; thus, most girls must prepare well before going out for a date with a guy. Moreover, when this guy tells this girl that he misses Savage Garden as well, it indicates the fact that he has already read her online dating profile & they have things in common!)
  • Hey Jet_Set_Girl, your dating profile picture is great. I like The Reader, too. As a matter of fact, I cried when I was watching this movie at home.” (In this example, this guy suggests that he has read this girl’s profile which indicates she likes The Reader, a well-known movie. This message also makes this man endearing as he literally cried while watching a romantic film! Being vulnerable is attractive and romantic.)date a top 10 woman
  • Hello Blue_Blue_Sky, I also like Norah Jones. In actuality, I’m going to her concert this weekend, and I think you should come.” (In this example, this man invites this girl to a concert, which adds value to her life. Further, inviting her to something by saying a statement is much more effective than asking a question.)

There are many successful, wealthy and elegant women on the best dating websites because high achievers don’t have time for offline dating.

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