What to Expect When Dating Latvian Women

beautiful blonde Latvian girl

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession”

It is said that Latvian women have the prettiest faces among all women in Europe.  Also, according to a largest ever study of women’s height around the world, Latvian women are considered to be the tallest on the planet.  Therefore, if you are looking for a tall woman with a pretty face, Latvian women won’t disappoint you.

a beautiful Latvian girl

  • In order to further help you understand what to expect when dating Latvian women, this article is going to share some very useful information with you:
  • Not long ago, BBC reported that Latvia has the highest gender imbalance in the world: there are 8% more women than men in Latvia! Furthermore, in the University of Latvia, there are 50% more women enrolled there than men!  That means: A). It’s not easy for a lot of Latvian women to find partners; B). It is even harder for well-educated Latvian women to find partners with an equal level of education.  Therefore, if you are a decent and well-educated Western man, you can get a classy Latvian girl relatively easily.
  • You need to be very patient while dating Latvian women, because most of them are guarded and it takes a while to open up. That’s not their fault, as Riga has been the capital of Eastern Europe for sex tourists.  No wonder Latvian women are quite careful when they see a foreigner.  Hence, as long as you are patient and can show your genuine personality, Latvian women will know you are better than most men they can meet.

In order to further help you understand what to expect when dating Latvian women, this article is going to share some very useful information with you

  • stunning blonde Latvian woman Because Latvia is a country with a small population (only about 2 million), there are two main ways to date Latvian women: A). Use a Latvian dating site online; B). Go to Latvia and meet Latvian women!
  • More than 30% of Latvian women marry other ethnic groups, which means Latvian women are interested in men from other countries. This is also because many Latvian men cheat on their wives and it’s hard for Latvian women to trust Latvian men.
  • The fastest way to attract Latvian women is to appreciate the efforts they take in dolling themselves up, as Latvian women like to celebrate their physical beauty. Also, Latvian women like well-dressed men with a great sense of fashion.
  • If you go to a nightclub or a bar in Latvia in order to pick up Latvian girls, be aware of the fact that these nightclubs and bars have many scam-artists. Therefore, a better way to pick up Latvian girls is to approach them elsewhere rather than in a nightclub or a bar.
  • Younger Latvian women generally speak fluent English and don’t have any religion. So it’s quite easy to get along with them.

Latvian Dating: How to Date Latvian Girls

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