Why Do Russian Women Want to Date Foreign Men?

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Russian women are well-known for their beauty and personality. In fact, the majority of pickup artists in the world prefer picking up Russian girls because they are fascinated by women in Russia. Honestly, professional pickup artists can get any girls they want, but why do they specifically want to date Russian beauties? Well, a better question is why do Russian stunners want to date foreign men?

  • Many Russian ladies want to leave Russia because they would like to live in a better place. No, Russia is not a bad place. In fact, if you have visited Russia, you would know it’s actually a very modern and posh country. Yet the western media don’t want people to know that Russia is actually a great country due to political reasons. Then why do Russian women want to leave Russia? Frankly, beauties in Russia want to leave Russia because they want to live in a better environment where the political system is healthier so that they can find better career opportunities and become successful financially. It is indeed harder for women to become successful in Russia because Russian men are generally more privileged in almost every way. Consequently, a lot of girls in Russia want to leave Russia, and the best way to leave Russia is to marry foreign men so that they can get visas very fast and move to other countries permanently.wife from Russia
  • Domestic violence is legal in Russia. This is indeed very shocking because the current law in Russia says domestic violence is not a crime! As a consequence, many Russia men physically abuse their women. No wonder a large number of ladies in Russia want to marry foreign men! Obviously, something is very wrong with their legislation, so we shouldn’t blame beauties in Russia for dating foreign men. If I were one of them, I would have done the same thing! That’s true – many Russian men don’t respect their women and certainly don’t look after their women. Yet they expect their women to look after them. Actually, most stunners in Russia want to take care of their husbands because they highly value family happiness. But sadly, they aren’t treated well by their husbands in Russia. Some of them are abandoned by their abusive husbands and they want to date foreign men and find happiness elsewhere. That’s fair enough.marrying Russian beauties
  • Many foreign men proactively chase Russian girls. Since girls in Russia are absolutely, definitely stunning, a growing number of foreign men proactively pursue these hot women in Russia. Because most western men are well-mannered gentlemen, it’s relatively easy for western men to get Russian ladies fast and make these relationships last. When these foreign men behave so well, of course an increasing number of women from Russia are dating foreign men these days. For example, more and more people like Roosh V, Mark Zolo, Yad and Richard la Ruina are interested in meeting Eastern European women such as ladies from Russia, and these Internet celebrities have a large following online. Their fans are also chasing hot Slavic girls in Russia as well.date Russian beauties
  • Men from all over the world have realized that girls from Russia are the best. When we say foreign men, we are not only talking about western men, but also talking about eastern men. As a matter of fact, some Chinese men are dating Russian stunners as well because Russia is China’s neighbor. For example, many Russian girls went to Heilongjiang Province in China in order to meet Chinese men (yes, marrying Chinese men is better than marrying Russian men, in their opinion – even though something is smaller, at least relationships with Chinese guys are more comfortable than the reality in Russia in many cases). Also, many Chinese men have realized that Russian women are honest people that they can trust and marry. Clearly, men from all over the world have discovered the beauty and charm of Russian girls in this day and age.brides from Russia
  • Most Russian beauties speak English fluently. Because the majority of beauties in Russia are well-educated, they can speak English well. As a result, they are able to communicate with foreign men easily. If you visit Russia, you can meet Russian ladies and have interesting conversations immediately. For example, Kate la Ruina is able to speak English extremely well. And most super models from Russia are fluent in English because they have to speak English in order to have international success in their careers. Since these stunners are able to communicate with foreign men so well, they can easily date foreign men any time.chase Russian girls
  • Russian brides are the most sought-after mail order brides in the world. There are many different categories of mail order brides these days, e.g. Russian mail order brides, Ukrainian mail order brides, Chinese mail order brides, Vietnamese mail order brides, Thai mail order brides, Filipina mail order brides, Indonesian mail order brides, and so on. But the most popular of all is Russian mail order brides because brides from Russia are the best in almost every way. First of all, brides in Russia are extremely attractive – they have slim bodies and pretty faces. They are always stylishly dressed and look perfect. Almost every Russian beauty knows how to doll up and she always wears makeup whenever she goes out. Therefore, if you are dating a Russian woman, she will make you look good when you go out with her. Second, brides from Russia are honest women who don’t play games. Indeed, playing games in dating and relationships is more common in western countries because a lot of western women enjoy playing games with men, as evidenced by numerous dating books that teach western women how to play games with guys, which is very, very, very sad. In contrast, women from Russia don’t do that because they highly value honesty. If something isn’t right in their relationships, they will discuss it with their partners in an honest and straightforward way. So, life is definitely easier if you are married to a Russian wife. Thirdly, Russian wives are better wives because they want to focus on family and children. Unlike western women who want to compete with men and derive happiness from this cruel competition, Russian wives generally want to support their husbands, so they take care of the household while their husbands are focusing on career success. In this way, Russian women admire their husbands’ achievements without competing with men. This is a more traditional approach to maintaining a happy family life. This also explains why marriages between Russian ladies and western gentlemen are more sustainable and stable, whereas marriages between western women and western men have a very high divorce rate which is very, very sad. Last but not least, brides from Russia are very respectful, meaning they respect themselves, their husbands and their husbands’ family and friends. Therefore, if respect is very important to you, you should totally consider marrying a wife from Russia because she will make you feel good in every way.charm of Russian girls
  • If you want a happy family life, a successful career and a healthy body & mind, you probably should consider marrying a Russian wife. Obviously, the divorce rate among marriages between western men and Russian women is relatively low because these marriages are happier. Also, men who are married to Russian wives are able to focus on their careers because Russian ladies generally don’t demand a lot of their men’s attention and time. This is very different from western women’s habit, i.e. western girls always want their partners’ energy, time and attention, so they are high-maintenance women in many cases. Furthermore, when your relationship is relaxing and your career is thriving, it’s easier for you to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mindset, because now you can live a balanced lifestyle and enjoy life to its fullest. That’s why you would be well-advised to marry a Russian bride.brides from Russia
  • If you have had enough with western women, you should totallymarry a Russian bride. Again, the divorce rate is high in western countries and we shouldn’t blame anyone for it because it’s just a fact that has already happened. I’d like to encourage western men who have had western ex-wives to consider marrying Russian beauties because it’s not a good idea to try something that you know it doesn’t work for you. Hence, the alternative is marrying a Russian girl.

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