Which Instagram stars to follow for dating advice & understanding women?


Instagram is becoming increasingly popular these days and many people use this tool to learn dating skills and understanding what women are thinking about. Now here’s a list of the best Instagram stars to follow for learning female psychology.

#1 Kezia NobleKezia Noble

Kezia Noble used to be a singer before she became a dating coach. Since 2006, she has become a dating coach for men in London. After leaving PUA Training (not in the friendliest way), she started her own company in England and has become an established dating expert. Her Instagram account is full of her sexy photos because she admits that she enjoys male attention – that’s why she wears provocative clothes all the time. We appreciate her honesty. By the way, she is not onlysmokin’ hot, but also business-savvy.

#2 Gala DarlingGala Darling

This may be surprising, but if you look at her Instagram account carefully, you will learn A LOT about what pretty women are really thinking about. Gala Darling’s previous name was Amy, but she changed her name to become who she really is…like a party! She teaches women topics such as radical self-love, radical radiance and manifestation through feeling good. She is a huge fan of Law of Attraction (Abraham Hicks) and tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). These are most hot girls’ favorite topics, so if you also know a thing or two, you can start conversations with beautiful women easily.

#3 Louise RoeLouise Roe

This Instagram influencer also teaches women various topics (mainly beauty, fashion and lifestyle), but you can learn a lot about what women want in life by reading the comments under Louise Roe’s Instagram posts. You can easily see that most women want things that make them happy & bring them attention/admiration/validation. Can you make your hot girlfriend happy? Can you give her the attention she deserves? If you can do that, then your sexy girl won’t need to buy a lot of unnecessary stuff to make herself “happy” anymore.

#4 Jacqueline HellyerJacqueline Hellyer

Jacqueline Hellyer is Australia’s pioneering sex coach for both men and women. She has a good understanding of dating and relationships, sexuality and tantra. You don’t necessarily have to go to one of her retreats in Australia, but you may want to consider buying one of her online programs which is something you can learn at home. Again, iDateAdvice.com doesn’t promote anyone’s products or services, so we won’t get a commission by mentioning or recommending any company’s names here. Everything that is shown to you on our blog is based on our observation and experience.

#5 Matthew HusseyMatthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is the world’s leading dating coachfor women, but many established dating coaches for men (e.g. Julien Blanc)actually follow Matthew Hussey on social media because checking out Matthew Hussey’s stuff is like reading women like an open book. Since Matthew Hussey has already done all the research about what women are worried about, you can easily learn his content and make it work for you. Some men have bought Matthew’s online programs for women and learned a lot about themselves!  However, please note that Matthew Hussey’s Instagram account is managed by his team members rather than himself, which is understandable. Recently, he has caused some controversy which is unavoidable because he is dating Camila Cabello. And a lot of Camila’s fans don’t like that, so there are even several Instagram accounts which were set up to “expose Matt”. Because many of Matthew’s fans are older women and single moms who are looking for love, some of they don’t like his current romance either. One female fan said, “I lost faith because now I know that he is dating an A-list pop singer who is 10 years younger than him.” (That means her guru is attracted to younger, hotter and richer women rather than older and average women.)  We don’t know exactly what happened, but it is clear that controversy is a natural marketing tool.

#6 Julien BlancJulien Blanc

Another controversial guru. Julien Blanc used to be a dating advisor for men, but since his media scandal in 2014, he has rebranded his online business and started a new social media account name (Julien Himself) on YouTube and Instagram. Hence, if you are interested in learning dating advice as well as personal transformation mastery, Julien is your man. He has some very good insights into female psychology, personal development for men and how to get results fast. He famously said, “If reading books can solve all your problems, then many more people must have made it. Yes, of course reading books is important, but you also need to surround yourself with the right people and be aware of new opportunities in business and in life. I’m disappointed whenever my followers write comments like ‘Julien, what are the books to read?’ because I think people must take action proactively. Indeed, saving money is important, but that should be something to focus on later in your life, like in your 30s. If you save every penny in your 20s and only buy the cheapest T-shirt from K-mart, you’ll still focus on saving every penny in your 30s, 40s, etc. And you’ll still buy the cheapest T-shirt from K-mart in your 30s and 40s! In fact, I would say you should spend all your money in your 20s and invest in yourself. In this way, you’ll do something big in your 30s, 40s, etc.”

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