Get acquainted with Sweet Lana from Sevastopol, Russia


36, Sevastopol, Russia
So you have chosen Russia, as the country of your visit?! Certainly you will never regret of doing this. The biggest country of the world with lots of contradictions, amazing facts and things to admire.
Sevastopol the city of Crimea that used to be a part of Ukraine, and now is Russia’s territory, is breathtaking place with unique nature and warm-hearted people.
Russian women always considered to be standard of womanhood, gentleness and tenderness. People from all over the world admire Slavic ladies that still keep their family and moral values.
All deepest and warmest feelings in their heart they want to open and give only for one person-love of their life. They very kind, optimistic and open-minded women, honest, sincere and cheerful.
Russian girl loves children, likes morning sun and always try to smile to the new day. She is full of energy woman who charges with her positive energy all her dearest people. And if such a woman decides to look for her destiny abroad it means she has a strong wish to find her second half, her soul mate here.
Her heart is full of tenderness and it is always spring in her soul. She is that kind of a woman who is ready for changes in her life.
Russian women are sunny and attractive! They possess not only outer but inner beauty. They believe, that every day is a chance to make yourself better!

They are emotional women, responsible, trustworthy and reliable. They believe in friendship, and trust people who are close to them. They are open-hearted and broad-minded. Try to never give up despite all misfortunes that can happen in their life!

Positive energy and inner beauty brings light in every room and every heart. Russian women love men, respect them and always try to help. This is in their nature. They are focused on good and positive things, don’t have prejudices, and usually don’t play games. And, for sure, they have a wish their life partner has the same traits.
So, stop! Stop looking for someone special, I am right here for you! My name is Lana and I live in Sevastopol which is considered to be romantic and nice city! I am just like my city- sweet and nice girl who can be serious when its needed but likes to smile when every time it is possible. I am at the age when I am completely ready to build serious and loving relationships to build a strong and happy family! I can be your support , be your perfection, be your life, be everything for you. I dream of Romeo and Juliette love . I am the serious girl who is ready to create a strong family. Person who is respectful, full of energy and reliable!
If you liked me, please, write to me! I am looking forward to your message!!!