Date the Rich and Marry well: How to Meet Wealthy People

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

If you are an ambitious man who wants to date up and marry up, this is the right article for you, because I will show you how to meet wealthy singles in record time. Even if you are an ambitious woman looking for rich men, you’ll also be inspired by all the key points in this article.

  • You must stop seeing frogs immediately. If you have been dating frogs, now it’s the time to stop it! Maybe you are thinking…”I’ll ditch this frog when I’ve met my princess.” I have to say that you are wrong, because a princess would never consider you if you are with a frog! I know this sounds harsh, but you need to know the truth. Otherwise, you’ll waste a year and another year. And when you realize what should have been done, it might be too late. Therefore, you’d better break up with the frog in a gentle way today.couple on board of a private plane


  • Location, location, location. We all know that the location of a property is the most important element in real estate, right? In fact, this principle also applies to dating: If you are looking for a wealthy partner, the first question you should ask yourself is “Where are those wealthy people?” Apparently, they are not inside your house. So the next step is to go out and meet them. Here are a range of places where you can meet rich people:
  1. High-end clubs. Upscale clubs are usually exclusive clubs where only the rich and the famous can go to. Do some research online and see where these clubs are in your city. And then next Friday night, I want you to stand near the entrance outside a club like that. You can pretend to be talking on the phone (but you are actually looking at the guests’ list at the entrance). Once you spot a name, you can join the queue and say you are Matthew’s extra.
  2. The lobby of five-star hotels. From now on, I want you to buy coffee from the coffee shop inside a five-star hotel only because that’s where you can meet rich people. With a cup of coffee, you have a reason to sit in the lobby and talk to people there. You may even have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant of the five-star hotel – I’m sure you will meet many wealthy people who are interested in talking with you because the majority of people in those hotel restaurants are travelers – they don’t know anyone in your city & they want to talk to you.

I will show you how to meet wealthy singles in record time. You’ll also be inspired by all the key points in this article.

  • Sugar dating websites. There are many sugar dating websites, including sugar daddy dating sites, sugar momma dating sites, etc. If you want to make the process more efficient, you can create a profile on a sugar dating site tonight. Usually, about 75% of their members are sugar babies and 25% of their members are sugar daddies or sugar mommas. So you’ll need to compete with many other sugar babies who have the same goal.wealthy couple having rest on their yacht


  • Meet rich people that are not single. If you make friends with rich people who are not single, you are still making progress because these married people can introduce their rich single friends to you! Usually, rich people know other rich people, right? Therefore, one rich friend can easily become the gateway person who will introduce many rich people to you in the long term.


  • Understand how wealthy people think. If you don’t know how rich people think, you won’t be able to keep them. Consequently, you’d better study the mindset of the rich first. The gist is: Most rich people look at the big picture rather than small details, whereas most poor people focus on small details that are actually distractions in life. If you are a detail-oriented person, it’s time to do some training and become a big-picture person. For example, instead of worrying about getting a job, you should think about how to create an asset that brings money to your pocket when you are asleep – that’s what rich people do: they acquire assets, not jobs.


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