What is dating for?

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asked 5 years ago

What in your opinion are most of the people dating for?

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Different people have different goals:
1) Some people enjoy dating because they love interacting with others – Ginie Sayles famously said, “Women should enjoy men on different levels. It doesn’t have to be a long-term, serious relationship.”
2) Some people enjoy dating because they want to hook up with random individuals – we live in a hookup culture these days.
3) Some enjoy dating because they love the thrill, the excitement and the adventure of one-night stands, which is understandable.
4) Some want to date many people as they like multiple relationships dynamics & they want to explore the exciting journey of love and relationships.
5) Some are looking for serious, long-term and meaningful relationships – they want to get married (women want to secure the ring.)
6) Some use dating as a tool to get what they want, i.e. money, status, fame, success, jobs, business investment, knowledge experience, travel, and so on.
7) Some use dating as a tool to get what they desire, i.e. affairs, lust, and so forth.
8) Some use dating as a tool to sleep their way to the top, i.e. office affairs with their bosses.
9) Some use dating as a tool to make their fantasies come true, i.e. fetish dating sites, BDSM dating sites, etc.
10) Some date for convenience, i.e. a foreigner dates a local person for a permanent visa; once they’ve got the visa, they will break up with the local person.
11) Some date for no reason, i.e. Don Draper was dating many women without any real reason because he was actually doing it simply to numb the pain in the past.
12) Some date with a hidden agenda, i.e. dating someone in order to access that person’s sister’s information for a secret purpose.
13) Some date for practice, i.e. before finding the right person, many people would date anyone just to practice their dating skills.

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