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Does speed dating work the same way as online dating?

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These two methods are very similar: everyone knows what you are up to and it’s quick and easy to do.
In my view, online dating is like making passive income (if I can use a business analogy) – you set up a dating profile and the dating site sends qualified leads to you automatically. Therefore, internet dating is nice and easy. It suits people who are very busy and don’t have enough time to look for a partner in real life. Also, it suits those who have limited social circle, especially people who have moved to other cities/countries.
Speed dating is like interviews – you talk to someone for five minutes and then you talk to the next candidate for five minutes. If it works, you would know it at the end of the speed dating event.
Speed dating involves a group of people going on quickfire dates with each other. Women remain seated at the same table, whereas men move from table to table. If 2 individuals register mutual interest in a 2nd date, that’s a match, so the organizer would give them each other’s contact details.
When you go to a speed dating event, you should use some NLP techniques, e.g. when a person you are attracted to leans forward, you should also lean forward; when a person you like touches their elbows occasionally, you should do the same as well – you just mirror their body language and that person will like you more as a result at a subconscious level. This technique can be used in job interviews as well. I learned this technique from Richard la Ruina, the best dating coach from the United Kingdom (although his dad is Italian, his nationality is British and his accent is definitely British). If you want to know more about his teachings, you can visit PUATraining.com

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