What does open-minded mean on dating sites?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsWhat does open-minded mean on dating sites?
asked 4 years ago

Do you believe open-minded mean sincere on a dating site?

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On a dating site “open-minded” means “honest and looking for an open relationship or an affair”.
At least that person is adventurous!
In fact, Brandon Wade has a website called Open Minded which introduces people looking to find open relationships to each other. Brandon Wade is one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs of all time. He is the founder of Seeking.com (AKA Seeking Arrangement) – the world’s biggest sugar daddy dating site and a sugar daddy dating app on Android (its iOS app has been removed because Apple doesn’t allow free speech anymore).
Basically, people who are on affairs dating sites, casual dating sites, open relationship dating sites, swingers’ dating sites, bisexual dating sites and sugar daddy dating sites are generally quite open-minded. Life is short, so they know they must enjoy life NOW.
Frankly, about 50% of men on sugar daddy dating sites are married men looking to have some sexy action on the side because men are not biologically programmed to be monogamous. When a guy is rich, he can afford to have more than one woman. Thus, sugar daddies and sugar babies on sugar daddy dating websites are very open-minded, as I see it. What do you think?

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