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asked 5 years ago

Do you find online dating less comfortable with a different country?

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Well, it depends on what you are talking about.
If you are a foreigner living in a western country, online dating shouldn’t be harder for you because most western countries are not racist. In contrast, if you live in countries such as Japan and China, I don’t think you can become their citizen – when someone can’t even stay there forever, it’s a bit hard to find true love in that country.
But if you are talking about whether online dating is harder for people in certain countries, I would say yes, it’s definitely harder for daters in some countries. Let me explain.
Internet dating is obviously mainstream in western countries because online dating is mainstream in the West. By contrast, if you live in Asia, Internet dating is probably a taboo topic to some degree, so usually it’s a bit harder to do online dating in Asia.
If you live in India where arranged marriages are mainstream, online dating is almost impossible – only people who can’t get married due to religious or personal reasons would join online dating sites. In other words, if there is something wrong with them or their background, they can’t have arranged marriages. In this case, they have to join dating websites in order to look for love in a different way.
In African countries, online dating is extremely hard because the majority of dating websites have blocked the entire African continent. For instance, if you want to join a sugar daddy dating site, a millionaire dating site or an international dating site, your IP address can’t be in Africa – most dating sites have blocked the entire African continent due to safety reasons – there are too many scammers and spammers from Africa, especially Nigeria which is well-known for their internet scandals. Therefore, online dating is tough in Africa.

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