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asked 4 years ago

What is the best introduction message on a dating website?

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1) “Hi there! I really like your profile. I’m also very interested in cooking. Would you like to attend a cooking class with me this Saturday morning at XYZ adult learning center?”
2) “Hello there! I also miss Spice Girls. My favorite song is their Let Love Lead the Way! I miss the 90s so much!”
3) “Hey there! I have secretly loved Titanic for so many years as well. It’s the perfect movie – perfect story, perfect music and perfect length. I secretly cried when I was seeing this movie for the first time. I love its emotive power very much. And it’s not overdone.”
4) “Good morning. I’m also a music fan. Would you like to check out my CD collection? I have photos here.”
5) “Nice to meet you. Can I invite you to my birthday party next month? We will have a blast in XYZ bar and I think you should join us!”
6) “Good afternoon. Would you like to come to my karaoke party tonight? My friends and I are going to ABC karaoke bar at 7pm tonight and I think you would enjoy it as well because I can see you like singing.”
7) “Good evening. I’m sitting in an Italian restaurant by myself and I think perhaps you should join me? Okay. Just kidding. How about tomorrow night at 6pm for dinner in ABC Italian restaurant?”
8) “Hello. May I ask why you like River Phoenix’s movies? You are the only River Phoenix’s fan that I’ve ever met. By the way, I’m his huge fan as well!”
9) “Hi. I’m going to see Keanu Reeves’s new movie this Friday night and I think you should join me because I can see you like his movies as well. How about 7pm at ABC cinema? Do you prefer ice cream or popcorn? If you prefer ice cream, you can’t come :-P”

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