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asked 3 years ago

What good dating sites in Germany are totally free?

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I’m pretty sure is totally free as long as you don’t upgrade your membership.
Also, Bumble is totally free if you don’t upgrade your account. But Bumble is a dating app only without a website, as far as I know.
Frankly, living in Germany means the quality of women is pretty low, according to dating expert Roosh V who is a men’s rights movement supporter. Therefore, you might want to try an international dating sites if you are a guy living in Germany.
Some reputable international dating sites:
Of course, there are many Asian dating sites that are very reliable as well if interracial dating is your thing. Usually, Eastern European mail-order brides are more expensive than Asian mail-order brides, so it depends on your budget as well.
As I see it, joining an international dating site is cheaper than hiring an international marriage agency which introduces mail-order brides to western men.
Normally, an international dating site charges a guy $1,500-$6,000 on average for a successful relationship which started on their website, whereas an international marriage agency charges $15,000 – $20,000 on average for a mail-order bride’s service. This is up to you.

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