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Do you find it weird when family members date each other?

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Yes, it’s weird.
Emotional incest means a parent is emotionally dating his/her child. Here is an example:
A single mother has a son. Because her ex-husband left her, she feels lonely and insecure. As a result, she discusses mature topics with her son, even though her son is still very young. Perhaps she talks about whether she should change her job or how she should respond an email to her boss with her son. These topics may make the boy become mature too early at an emotional level, which isn’t good for him.
Apart from that, sometimes a mother actually dates her son. For example, in the famous movie My Private Idaho, River Phoenix’s character was a child born from incest – his father is also his brother. That’s why their mother has had mental illness for many, many years. It’s really horrible. His father/brother is an abusive rapist.
If you find this disturbing, please avoid watching that film because it not only includes incest, but also includes other disturbing topics such as prostitution (male hookers with older, horny and lonely women who are happy to pay for s*x with good-looking young men). Another weird thing about that movie is Keanu Reeve’s character and his father seem to have a romantic involvement as well.

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