Unpleasant Realism from Dating Apps to Meet Ukraine Women

Meet Ukraine Women

International dating is exciting, interesting and stimulating. Just like any dating niche, international dating with Eastern European also includes some unpleasant realism in it. To write this blog article, I’ve interviewed several founders of dating apps to meet Ukraine women.

  • Ukrainian women are the most traditional Eastern European women – you may or may not like them because of that.

According to Phil H., founder of a dating app to meet Ukraine women, Ukrainian girls probably have your grandmother’s values. For instance, if you are dating a Ukrainian lady, chances are you don’t even have much in common with her. Having said that, it’s not always a problem. Let me explain, please.

It all depends on what you want. Let’s say you want a traditional wife who is pretty and presentable, you should totally marry a Ukrainian bride because she is probably the best candidate on the market – a typical Ukrainian lady is traditional, beautiful and elegant. Better still, she highly respects her husband and wants to make him feel good as often as possible.

This is true if you are looking for a wife who looks and behaves like Betty Draper and her housewife friends – those women are proper, stunning and glamorous. You may take your Ukrainian wife to business dinners so that she can make your clients sign the freaking contract with you faster.Ukrainian wife app

However, if you are looking to date a Ukrainian beauty without thinking about marrying her, chances are she might not want to sleep with you. After sleeping with you, she may ask you to marry her because she doesn’t know the current dating scene in western countries. Note that this is very likely to happen.

Compared to Russian women who are more ambitious & Polish women who are more westernized, women from Ukraine tend to be more traditional and feminine in general – they also look better because they are always dressed up every day.

“In Ukrainian culture, men are supposed to pay for everything, so ladies from Ukraine don’t want to pay for things,” says Phil H., business owner of a dating app to meet Ukraine women, “I know many Ukrainian beauties who are dating western men & the most common question from them is – ‘Why does he expect me to pay for stuff? Why can’t I date a guy who is happy to give me gifts?’ This is just their cultural expectations in the dating department.”

Therefore, if you are looking to join dating apps to meet Ukraine women, you should be prepared for that. A Ukrainian beauty may leave her guy for a real provider (sad but true).

  • How to tell a Ukrainian girl is using you for money:

If your Ukrainian girlfriend is constantly asking for gifts from you, that doesn’t necessarily mean she is using you for money. Again, please let me explain.

The definition of a gold-digger is a person who gets cash fast and leaves immediately. Hence, if your Ukrainian girl actually wants to be with you, that means she is not a gold-digger. Period.

The fact that she expects you to pay for stuff and give her gifts only means she is a traditional Ukrainian bride. In Ukraine, that’s what men are supposed to do – giving their women financial benefits.traditional Ukrainian bride

There is a reason why a lot of Ukrainian girls want to marry older western men: usually, older western men are more traditional, so they think they should pay for things and look after their wives financially. Also, older western men think they are much older than their Ukrainian wives; therefore, they think giving their women financial benefits is a strategy to keep their wives.

Of course, the majority of Ukrainian beauties think it’s perfectly fine to marry older men. They don’t mind a huge age gap as long as they can marry true providers and sponsors.

When it comes to the sexual dynamics of money, Billy A., founder of another dating app to meet Ukraine women, has some really cool insights to share with us.

“Whenever a Ukrainian woman asks me how to tell whether a western guy is rich and generous, I often tell them to test the guy on the first date,” says Billy A., business owner of the dating app to meet Ukraine women, “Just meet the western man in the most expensive restaurant and order the most expensive item in each category on the menu. After ordering the most expensive drink, the most expensive entrée, the most expensive main course and the most expensive dessert, observe the western guy’s reaction. If he complains to some degree, you know he isn’t rich and generous. If he still wants to be with you and keeps seeing you after that date, you know he is probably a real provider.”date a Ukrainian beauty

Indeed, when a guy is on the first date, he is clearly on his best behaviour; thus, he obviously wants to impress the girl from Ukraine. If he can’t be generous on the first date, the girl already has the answer.

In other words, if you want to join dating apps to meet Ukraine women, you should be rich and generous already. Otherwise, most beauties from Ukraine won’t want to date you. If you can’t accept this unpleasant truth, you shouldn’t join dating apps to meet Ukraine women. Full stop.

  • What happens after bringing your Ukrainian bride to a western country:

When you decide to bring your Ukrainian wife to a western country, you need to be prepared – she will probably figure out that she is a high-value woman in the West. That’s because when she was living in Ukraine, every woman is so hot – she didn’t know she is a hot girl. But after moving to a western country, she will realize that she looks much better than most western women who don’t really value femininity.

If your Ukrainian wife has figured that out, her attitude may change. So, you should totally be prepared for that. She may feel like a 6 in Ukraine, but now she feels like a 10 in a western country because she is slim, pretty, feminine, elegant and glamourous. Her long hair, beautiful nails, high heels, gorgeous dresses and red lipstick will make her stand out from the crowd immediately.

That is to say, there is a risk when you decide to take your Ukrainian bride to a western country – previously, maybe she treated you like a king, but now she may expect you to treat her like a queen? Are you ready to take a risk like that when the dynamics change completely?dating app to meet Ukraine women

There is always a price to pay.

  • Most dating apps to meet Ukraine women aren’t free.

If you would like to join dating apps to meet Ukraine women, you shouldn’t expect these services to be free because most of them aren’t free.

Of course, some apps are free because they monetize their platforms by showing you ads. However, the majority of dating apps to meet Ukraine women are not free – in fact, international dating is usually an expensive service on the Internet, as their target audience are older men looking for foreign brides & older men usually have more money than younger men.

That being said, you are asking someone to find you a hot wife (that is a big ask), so you shouldn’t expect things to be free anyway.dating a Ukrainian lady

Most apps require members to pay for premium memberships or pay for each message sent to Ukrainian girls. That’s just how they operate – they are businesses rather than charities.

“The success rate on our app is pretty high because everyone on the app is looking for a serious relationship,” says Ned Q., founder of another dating app to meet Ukraine women, “When people are looking for long-term relationships, the platform usually has a higher success rate as nobody is screwing around or wasting time.”

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