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asked 4 years ago

Do you think that online dating is a good or bad thing?

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answered 4 years ago

It depends.
Many years ago, I think there were more negative experiences in terms of online dating because at that time Internet dating wasn’t mainstream – a high-value person wouldn’t need to join a dating website. That’s why many bottom feeders, abusers, users and losers were on dating sites more than ten years ago.
But today things have changed a lot. I would say Internet dating is definitely mainstream nowadays because it’s not a taboo topic anymore. Even successful entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tom Bilyeu once said, “If I were single, I would join a dating website for sure.” Clearly, in this day and age, high-quality people are on dating sites as well & many celebrities have joined celebrity dating sites, too!
Therefore, my answer to your question is: any type of dating involves good experiences and bad experiences, no matter it’s online dating or offline dating. I think you should try both if you are keen to find a partner in record time. Personally, I think offline dating is suitable if you have a big social circle. But if your social circle is quite limited, then you’d better join a dating website instead – that’s the fast-track to a beautiful love life these days.

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