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A woman from Hong Kong once told me that having a financial discipline includes having a date with your money regularly. And she is a good wife who married my best friend. So, if you are looking to marry a Hong Kong woman, please take notes now.

  • A wise Hong Kong wife’s money habit:

Every fortnight, a rich Hong Kong lady sits down with her husband and enjoys a “money date” to check their finances. They literally write down “money time” in their calendar and actually implement it.

Most people don’t really know exactly how much money they have and how much debt they have. That’s called financial chaos. Rich Hong Kong women have a different habit – they review their money regularly and examine their finances carefully during their money time.

Money time is just like having a date with your money, so it’s also called “money date”. During your money time, you can look at your bank accounts, organize your savings, pay your bills, etc.rich Hong Kong lady

  • An intelligent Hong Kong woman’s financial management system:

Kristy is a Hong Kong beauty who works as an intuitive energy coach, so she looks a bit woo-woo. As a crystal-wearing woman, she is not the most mainstream Hong Kong girl that you normally meet. But anyway, she is rich. Every second Monday at 9am, she has a money date like this:

  • She checks her income and verifies whether every invoice is paid by her clients.
  • She calculates how much money she needs to spend in the next two weeks, and saves the rest of her income.
  • She checks her bank accounts’ transaction history and see if everything is okay by looking at all the receipts in her wallet.
  • She throws away receipts that aren’t generated by business expenses and keeps all business-related receipts for tax purposes.
  • She also makes money online, so she transfers all her money from various online platforms to her PayPal account, and then transfers money from her PayPal account to her bank account.
  • She uses her accounting software to complete bank reconciliation.
  • If there are any bills to pay, she pays her bills.

Kristy writes down these seven steps in her diary and deletes each step as she completes it. This entire process takes approximately 15 minutes, and it makes a big difference because Kristy always knows her personal finances extremely well.

Sometimes, Kristy may add some crystals to her money date. For example, she puts a citrine next to her wallet while having her “money time”. It is said that citrine brings more abundance and wealth.Hong Kong women

  • Hong Kong women know what men really want to see:

Kristy’s advice for women: Be feminine.  Wear feminine clothes.  Be approachable and gentle.  And always remember—the real reason that you are wearing attractive clothes is not to please men; the ultimate reason you are wearing attractive clothes is to get the male attention that you deserve, so men will please you.

Hong Kong beauty Kristy’s rationale: Many women spend a large amount of money on clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and makeup.  There is nothing wrong with that if these things make you genuinely happy.  However, a lot of women have no idea when it comes to whether these external items have truly made any difference.  Let’s be honest—you are a normal woman, so of course, you would like to get more male attention.  But the question is: Do you really know what men want to see?

I have read countless magazines teaching women what to wear, and I have been shocked by the lack of understanding in some of these magazines when it comes to whether their advice could help women in this regard.  Some magazines teach women to wear masculine clothes and claim that’s the trendy look!

The truth is when men are looking at women, they don’t want to see what can exist on themselves!  Men want to see what can’t be placed on themselves, such as lace and pearls. They want to see patterns/prints/jewelry such as flowers, butterflies and love hearts.  They crave dresses, skirts, tights, stockings, high heels as well as colors such as pink, peach, beige and rosy!  Men don’t tell you about this, because they don’t want to be judged and then they will have to explain a lot.  This doesn’t mean they are gay.  Instead, it means they are attracted to things that they can’t create by themselves.  For instance, they can’t have a romantic relationship with themselves; they can’t reproduce by themselves!Hong Kong girl

Therefore, men really want to see your femininity, and they need to feel that they are the masculine role. 

According to Hong Kong lady Kristy, being more feminine doesn’t mean being weaker.  Actually, being able to use your femininity to your advantage is extremely strong.  I believe that femininity is incredibly powerful, because its core is strong, whereas the way it carries itself is gentle.

So next time when you go shopping, you know what to buy and what to avoid—this idea alone will save you thousands of dollars for the rest of your life!

  • Hong Kong girl Kristy’s sexy diary:

Recently my husbandLuke and I have had some really wonderful moments.

In Luke’s gallery.

“Do you know why I love you, my Hong Kong wife?” Luke asks.  “You always make me feel warm—outside and inside.  You are beautiful both in body and mind.”  As an artist, Luke’s voice is very sensual.

“You mean I am a womanly woman?” I giggle. Of course, I know what he means. (Thanks to the way I present myself, I am the most feminine woman that he knows.)

“It’s hard to explain, but I just love the feeling when I am with you.  You seem to be able to upgrade the ambience.”  Luke says, “Please come to my studio with me.”

I follow Luke and walk into his studio, which is located at the end of his gallery.

“Let’s stay here with the music on, and I will paint a picture of you.  You will be my model today.”  Luke’s voice is full of passion for art.

“How am I going to present myself?”  I ask.

Luke places a big piece of beige cloth on the floor and then he takes out a large vat, which is full of rice.  He pours the rice on the beige cloth—it’s like an ocean of rice.  No, it’s a movable mountain of rice.

“Undress yourself and sit on the rice, please.  Turn your back to me, and I will paint your back and legs.”  The way Luke looks at me ignites my imagination.

So here I am.  The rice is embracing my skin so gently.  I can feel every grain, which is electrifying the sensations in my body.  I’m not analyzing what these sensations are.  I just feel into it and let it happen.Hong Kong beauty

The music is weaving the rice grains and my skin together.  I feel a part of the flow.

Luke is painting the picture behind me slowly. 

An hour later, Luke says, “Please turn around.”

I see the picture—beautifully crafted.  I look like a deity in the picture. A Hong Kong stunner.

“There is a flow in the picture,” Luke explains.  “It’s sensual, tender and soft, yet very powerful.”

Luke starts to undress himself, and I have realized that he already has an erection.

“Your back is irresistible, my Hong Kong lady.” Luke says with certainty.

Luke sits down on the rice with me.  He sits between my legs and says, “Your honeypot looks like a luscious sandwich.”

I don’t reply.  I simply allow Luke to continue.

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“My Hong Kong wife, I like the shape of your vulva—that looks like a rose.  Its color is also rosy, and its texture is so fresh.”

Luke starts to make very slow and long strokes from the soft lips to my clitoral area, making very slow circles around my clitoris.

Then he uses his entire hand to massage the whole vulva, and then his fingers are making circles at the entrance to my honeypot.

I……really…. want……..him……..to………….penetrate……………me…….

From my epic moan, Luke has realized that my orgasmic pleasure has already reached its peak, so he wants to send me to a much higher peak, a peak that is beyond any other previous peaks.  And he enters me with a passion.

This sensation is deeply fulfilling nourishment for my body and soul.  Luke is such a sensational lover—each thrust feels different as each thrust heightens my pleasure.  I have surrendered to a completely new orgasmic experience—my body and soul have been re-awakened.

My shoulders are gradually falling into the rice but not falling too deep.  The sensation on my skin, created by the rice, is getting stronger and stronger all over my body.  The jasmine rice has become juicy rice already.

 My pelvis is at a higher position than my shoulders; my honeypot is at its highest.

It is wild.

 Hong Kong women are the ideal candidates.

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