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asked 5 years ago

What are some signs of players on online dating sites?

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There are many players on dating websites:
1) Some men use online dating sites to “make passive income”, meaning these dating websites send desperate women to them automatically, so they don’t need to put any effort into dating.
2) Some people join online dating sites in order to play the field. Because you don’t need to explain why you are on a dating website, it’s easier to meet qualified people immediately. As long as you are honest and tell them what you are up to, you can easily date multiple people at the same time.
3) Frankly, high-value players don’t need to join a dating website or a dating app because they have access to many hot women in real life. Therefore, most players on dating sites are wannabes rather than real players who are confident and successful.
4) There are also some female players on some dating websites, e.g. sugar momma dating sites, cougar dating apps, rich women dating websites, and so forth. Dating coach Hayley Quinn says she met a female player who attended her dating workshop where she taught dating skills and attraction theories. Of course, Hayley Quinn has taught many male players as well. She is a bisexual dating expert who is interested in both men and women & she is also a unique dating coach who works with both men and women. What a visionary dating expert who doesn’t encourage people to find serious relationship! Hayley Quinn argues that when someone directly wants to have a long-term relationship from the beginning, that person looks unattractive because what kind of people would want a serious relationship with a stranger immediately? She says it’s always better to start from casual dating and then move forward before deciding whether it should be a serious relationship or not, although she respects individuals looking for serious relationships.

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