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asked 5 years ago

Can you give some examples of awkward dating questions?

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1) How many men/women have you slept with?
2) When was the first time that you slept with a guy/girl?
3) Are you seeing someone else now?
4) When are you going to marry me?
5) There is spinach on your teeth. Can I kiss it away?
6) You have really bad breath. Can you stop kissing me?
7) What’s your mother’s name?
8) What does your father do?
9) Did your father have an affair?
10) Do you know your father’s mistress?
11) Does your mother like younger men?
12) What’s your address?
13) Is your boss hitting on you?
14) Have you ever dated your teacher?
15) Have you ever had a crush on someone in your office?
16) Where is your first ex-boyfriend/girlfriend now?
17) Do you keep in touch with your ex?
18) Have you ever had an abortion?
19) Do you want to have kids?
20) What do you mean by “I’m late”?
21) Have you ever slept with your dog?
22) How often do you masturbate?
23) Are you on a dating website?
24) Are you using your grandmother’s perfume?
25) What’s the color of your underwear?
26) Are you f**king crazy?
27) Can you shut up?

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