How to report an online dating scammer?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsHow to report an online dating scammer?
asked 5 years ago

Where should I report a scammer on a dating site?

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If you think a scammer has contacted you, you should block that person immediately and then send an email to the dating site’s customer support team. If the dating site is reputable and reliable, they will respond to your message pretty soon. Many dating websites have 24/7 customer support online or via telephone.
My advice is: never send money to people you’ve never met on the Internet when you are on a dating website. Also, even if you’ve met someone via an online dating site, you shouldn’t give money to that individual either because you don’t know that person well enough.
A true story:
Anita met Garry on a dating site. Because Garry figured out that Anita is not an experienced dater, he asked for her money by sending her a text message after their first date: “In order to test you, I’d like you to buy me a $100 gift card. If you can do that, this must be true love. Otherwise, it’s not.” Since Anita was very naïve that time, she literally did it (she was desperate, lonely, scared, needy and clingy at the same time)! It turns out that Garry was a scammer who not only used Anita for s*x, but also got her some money. Fortunately, it wasn’t a lot of money.

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