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asked 4 years ago

What is it like finding your ex-boyfriend on a dating site?

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I even saw my ex-boyfriend’s wedding photos!
Well, I understand that it doesn’t make you feel very good when you see your ex-boyfriend on a dating website. But frankly, that means you are also on the dating site, right?
Don’t feel bad about it. If you ever loved him, you should just wish him well. He has a right to pursue his happiness now.
If he treated you badly previously and you broke up with him, you should feel lucky that you are not with him anymore. Ending a relationship is a big achievement. It’s not a failure. You may even feel sorry for the woman that he ends up with.
The best revenge is to live well. If that relationship didn’t end well, don’t hate him. Just as Henry Francis famously said, “I also have an ex-wife. She bothers me. But I don’t hate her. Hate is a very strong word. I hate the Nazis, but I don’t hate my ex-wife.” He said that to Betty Francis when she was upset after seeing her ex-husband dating a much younger woman in a restaurant. Clearly, Better Francis needs to grow up (she is too childish and naïve – she never had a real problem in life, so seeing her ex-husband dating someone else is traumatic.)

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