Answers to your question: What makes Taiwanese women happy???

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I have many friends who are Taiwanese women, and I know what makes them happy. They have given me permission to share their thoughts with you, so today you are in for a treat ?


  • Hayley, a 26-year-old Taiwanese woman, works in the advertising industry.

Me: So, you are an ad woman from Taiwan. Can you describe your favorite advertisement?

Hayley: My favorite advertisement is a chocolate commercial on TV.

A woman is waiting for her lover to pick her up from her apartment.  She has waited for a very long time, so she looks at her watch every five seconds.  Then she receives a bunch of flowers from the delivery boy and there is a box and a card as well.

She opens the box and finds beautiful chocolates inside the box, so she bites a piece and the chocolate melts in her mouth like silk when the jazz music starts in the background.woman from Taiwan

She looks at the card which says, “Life is sweeter when Hershey’s Kisses are added to it.”

All of a sudden, her lover arrives and they are so in love.

I think this commercial is very cool because it focuses on how we feel.  When I was watching this TV commercial, I could feel how that woman feels completely.  It seems that what I saw visually could become something that I could smell and taste.  I reckon that was because of the background music.  I love jazz, as I find it really romantic and relaxing.

The person who created this commercial must be a genius who totally understands psychology and marketing.  Consumers are influenced by emotions rather than logic.  When a powerful commercial like that can change how we feel, it can change how we perceive the product.  That’s why we buy this product.

Apart from that, I really like the slogan in this commercial.  It’s very well-written and so creative that it’s written on the card.  In this way, I could hear the slogan and see it at the same time.  In other words, this is a multisensory experience!  And I absolutely love it.

  • Pauline, a 25-year-old lady from Taiwan, says her favorite events are weddings.

Me: Which wedding is the most unforgettable?

Pauline: My sister got married last year.  I went to her wedding which was held at the beach at 11 o’clock on a Saturday morning.  The ceremony was simple but chic, as it was a western-style ceremony.

The music was chosen by my sister, a typical Taiwanese woman, so it was very modern and solemn – typical romantic music.  After the officiant made some opening remarks, the groom, my sister’s husband, made his way to the altar.  I still remember his black tuxedo which was a very classic formal outfit.  The best man was my friend Joe who was waiting at the altar.Taiwanese women happy

About ten minutes later, the Wedding March started to be played in the background.  Then the maid of honor and the flower girls entered the ceremony.  They were my colleague and her twin daughters.  My sister, the bride, entered in a breathtaking wedding gown, escorted by our dad.  Her wedding dress was a present from my mum – it was a family heirloom – the color was champagne rather than white.  That’s my favoritecolor.

Although my sister is a Taiwanese lady, she studied in the United States when she was young, so my sister believes in western tradition as well: on her wedding day she had to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  That’s considered to be good luck in western culture.  Like I said, her wedding dress was something old, and her shoes were something new.  Also, she borrowed a bracelet from me, so that was something borrowed.  Then she was wearing a blue flower in her hair, which was something blue.

When my sister was walking down the aisle, everyone was so moved.  My mum was literally moved to tears because finally she witnessed her oldest daughter’s wedding.  Then my dad left the bride at the altar with the groom and the officiant.

The couple exchanged wedding rings as well as wedding vows at the altar, and then they kissed each other and were pronounced husband and wife by the officiant.  After that, my sister and my brother-in-law were showered with golden confetti.

Later on, the wedding banquet was held at Hilton Hotel near the beach.  The hall had a magnificent view.  I really enjoyed the whole experience.

  • Lucy, a 32-year-old Taiwanese beauty, says her hobby is listening to the radio, including podcast.

Me: You told me that you are old-school. What’s your favorite radio program?

Lucy: Well, my favorite radio program is called Love Life on iHeartRadio which is an Internet radio platform owned by an American company with its headquarters in New York.  Apart from the United States, it’s also popular in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

This radio show is really funny because the host is a British dating coach called Matthew Hussey.  Matthew Hussey is a love guru who knows everything about dating and relationships.  Initially, he was a confidence coach who helped thousands of men, but since 2008, he has been giving dating advice for women. taiwan dating rules

On this radio show called Love Life, each episode features one woman’s telephone conversation with Matthew Hussey.  She asks one question, and Matthew answers her question in detail.  Every episode is about fifteen minutes long, so I can listen to the show during breakfast time in the morning.  That’s a very interesting way to start my day, because Matthew Hussey’s advice is actually beyond dating advice.  He often talks about how to apply what he teaches us in other areas of life, such as work and social life in general.

Occasionally, no woman calls the studio.  Instead, Matthew Hussey gives some very powerful content regarding personal development on the show.  Sometimes, he talks about time management; sometimes he talks about productivity.  In fact, I like his other content more than his dating advice because dating advice tends to be corny after listening to it repeatedly.

Generally speaking, this radio program has helped me to understand psychology and human dynamics better.  I highly recommend this radio show to all Taiwanese ladies who are interested in this topic.

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  • Belinda, a 33-year-old woman from Taiwan, says, “Taiwanese women like rich men.”

Me: It seems that women from Taiwan are attracted to wealthy men. Which rich guy do you like?

Belinda: The rich guy that I like is Gary Vaynerchuk.  Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur in the United States.  When he was only three years old, he moved to America from Soviet Union.  As an immigrant, life was hard when he was young.  His family were living in a studio apartment – pretty difficult for eight family members.  He couldn’t speak English at that time, so he was bullied by his classmates at dating taiwanese

When he was in middle school, he started to sell baseball cards in a shopping mall every weekend.  So, he was making about three thousand dollars each week.  At that time, he was an F student at school because he couldn’t pass any subject at all.  His teacher told him that he was a loser, unfortunately, and nobody knew he was making a lot of money.

In his early twenties he took over his father’s wine business, and he grew the business from 3 million dollars to 50 million dollars a year by 2005.  In 2006, Gary realized that YouTube is the best place to do marketing, so he started Wine Library TV channel on YouTube, which helped his wine business a lot.

Gary works very hard.  He works from 6am to 11pm every day and rarely has a holiday.  He says he is the ultimate workaholic and he hates holidays.  Somehow, I think he is awesome because he knows what he wants and he is a real hustler who works with high energy and determination.

Gary founded VaynerMedia with his brother AJ Vaynerchuk in 2009.  It’s a social media-focused digital agency, because Gary invested in many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Gary has published four best-selling books which are all about business and entrepreneurship.  This is probably the most popular topic in contemporary society.

Quote: “Taiwanese women are attracted to successful men. Are you one of them?”


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