A Hot Guy’s Take on How to Sleep with Women

sleep with women

Mark is a very hot guy who knows how to sleep with women and make every sexual adventure unforgettable. He has generously shared his No. 1 tip with us today – his main strategy is non-touch massage.

  • What is “non-touch massage”?

Strategy description: When a woman lies down, you can give her a special massage by only gently massaging her body hair without touching her skin.

Rationale: Non-touch massage is a very sexually arousing massage, especially for women.  Women can be sexually aroused very easily when you give them a non-touch massage, and for most women, they have never had such an experience before as most men don’t know this secret strategy.very common amongst Western women

  • Mark’s diary about how to sleep with women, using his strategy:

Michelle and I chat in bed during the morning of this sensual summer, and this is the Christmas holiday in South Africa.

“Can you imagine that today it’s snowing in New York?” I ask her.

“Luckily, we don’t really have snow in this city, not even in the wintertime.  But if it really snows, the snowflakes would melt around you because you are so irresistibly hot,” Michelle says with a gentle voice – the gentleness of her voice is incredibly sexy.

“Let’s not talk,” I say as I hold my finger near her lips.

She complies.

I start to give her a non-touch massage.  I put my hands near her skin and massage her body hair slowly, but I don’t touch her skin at all.  My hands go through the body hair on her soft skin.  She is not allowed to talk.

She doesn’t expect this experience – the ambience in the bedroom is wild.

Ten minutes later, as I notice her underwear is wet, I eventually ask her, “How do you feel?”

She groans without an answer.  When I hear that, I just want to enter her.

As my hands go through the body hair on her inner thighs, I noticed her wet honey pot.  So, I slow down to make the pleasure last longer. 

She can’t resist it anymore. I know how to sleep with women.

She grabs me, and our s*xes join. Each thrust is fierce – like we do not have a next moment.turns women

  • Michelle’s diary on a sexual adventure with Mark, the guy who knows how to sleep with women:

I really like eating ice cream.  There are so many flavors that I can choose according to my mood.  For instance, when I am cheerful, I eat cookies and cream ice cream; when I need something uplifting, I eat green tea ice cream.

To my surprise, Mark can make marvelous ice cream.  He says making ice cream is just like painting a picture – it’s purely artistic.

“Anything artistic is actually erotic.” I reach up to give him a kiss.

“That’s because this world is developed around one central point – sexuality, and art is no exception,” Mark explains.

“Yes, that’s true,” I whisper in his ear.  And then I start to choose which flavor of ice cream I am into today.

Mark has made four flavors today: black forest, honey, matcha (green tea) and blood orange.

I start with the matcha ice cream: “You know, green tea is a powerful natural antioxidant.  Eating matcha ice cream is my secret to being ageless.  Did you know the older you are, the thinner your lips become?”

Mark looks at my face with a certain level of intensity: “I like the way you eat ice cream, the way you lick the ice cream and your lips, the way you enjoy the whole process.” Indeed, Mark knows how to sleep with women.meet real women online

I have naturally full lips with good volume, which is not very common amongst Western women.  I keep my lips in good shape by applying lip plumper before bedtime every night, and I believe eating matcha ice cream has certainly helped.

Mark grabs me and puts me on the bed while declaring, “Keep eating the ice cream.  I will upgrade your pleasure, because I love the way you look when you are aroused.”

Honestly, eating two things makes me slightly aroused – ice cream and chocolate.  I don’t know what Mark is going to do next, but I am so looking forward to it, as he really knows how to sleep with women.

Mark undresses me, while I lick and chew the ice cream.

I let him do his job and wonder what’s next….

He takes out different flavors of ice cream as well as the ingredients of the ice cream, and places them near the bed.  He piles soft cream on my neck and chest.  Since the summer in South Africa is quite hot, I really like the chilly sensation.  He places the slices of blood orange on my stomach carefully, and then he spreads the black forest ice cream near my honey pot and then he mixes the black forest ice cream with honey.  The honey finds a way into my honey pot. Wow. Mark is an expert when it comes to how to sleep with women.

Mark starts to lick my black forest and my honey pot.  His tongue has the perfect rhythm and strength, stroking my flower in the black forest.  Each time when his tongue touches my flower, my love juice washes the honey out of my honey pot.

Mark notices that I have finished eating the matcha ice cream, so he passes me the black forest ice cream and says, “Continue eating the next flavor.”How to Sleep with Women

Surely, I complied.

The black forest ice cream tastes divine, as Mark continues to lick the other forest.

Although I am covered with ice cream, I feel like my body is setting off fireworks in the process – It feels so surreal. I think Mark should teach men how to sleep with women.

  • Michelle’s special advice for women, gay men and transgender dating:

If you want to know how to sleep with women, you should consult with Mark. But if you are interested in getting hot guys like Mark, you may want to look at my advice: Have fun with your lips.

Strategy description: When you talk, you can occasionally bite your lips slightly, you can occasionally use your hands to touch your lips, and you can enjoy exciting lipstick/lip color.find women

Rationale: Never underestimate the power of your lips.  Men often associate your lips with the entrance to your honey pot!  They just don’t tell you about this!  You need to know how to have lip fun.  Your lips are the most sensual part on your face, and that’s how important they are.  Always make sure your lips are very well moisturized and cared for because they are your valuable assets and secret weapon, which brings you lots of pleasure if they are utilized in the right way.

Do you like this couple? We believe that Mark is a pro when it comes to how to sleep with women & Michelle is the expert of seducing hot men like Mark. If you are interested in sexy individuals’ diaries, we will publish more articles like this in the future.

Because ice cream is a combination of fat and sugar, its taste turns women on – use ice cream in the bedroom – that’s how to sleep with women.

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