What Insecurities Do Hot Women Have?

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It turns out that hot women also have many insecurities and here is a list of their insecurities that I’d like to discuss today. If you are a guy looking to date hot women, you may learn a thing or two from this article.

  • Mature hot women are worried about their age.

As you can see in the title of this article, now we are talking about hot women, not hot girls. Therefore, you would be glad to know that many hot women aren’t really young. This is especially true in this day and age when plastic surgeries are so commonplace in our society.

Also, younger ladies don’t have a lot of money to take care of themselves, so they tend to wear cheaper clothes. In contrast, mature women have more money and resources to look after themselves, so they can afford expensive clothes and high-quality skin-care products as well as makeup.

In western culture, most women don’t want to talk about their age. This taboo topic reveals something interesting: If age is something that women don’t want to talk about, that means women are worried about their age. This is particularly true among mature women, e.g. women above 35 years of age.Single hot women

Let me show you a typical concern amongst mature women: “Men of my age only want to date younger women.”

I remember last year, a woman in her late 30s wrote a letter to me, saying that she is worried about her age & men of her age only prefer younger ladies. And this is what I’ve written to her:

Men are attracted to younger ladies for a reason, but it’s not the reason that you think.

In fact, guys like youthful women, not young women!

If a lady in her 20s behaves like a woman in her 70s with a boring a lifestyle, guys wouldn’t be attracted to her.

Nevertheless, there are many ageless goddesses out there – they are youthful ladies! Think Meryl Streep – she is about 70 years old, but her youthful attitude makes her ageless!

As a matter of fact, there are still many guys in their late 30slooking to date ladies in their age group, as wise guys understand the value of elegant, experienced and worldly ladies!  There are so many of them, and you only want one of them!

  • Single hot women find dating much harder than single hot men.

I remember a single woman in her 30s says, “There are more single women than single men in Sydney – that’s exactly why I’m having such a difficult time meeting the right guy.”

She isn’t entirely wrong. In fact, the “man-drought” is real in Australia, especially in certain areas of Sydney. But in order to make her feel better, this is what I said to her:

Statistics never show that there are significantly more single women than single men in western countries, unless you live in Eastern Europe! Even ladies in Eastern Europe can find the right men if they are determined!hot woman

The reason you are having such a difficult time meeting the right guy is not because there aren’t enough single guys out there.

If you are considering improving your love life, I truly want to help you see why you are not meeting the right guy. Please be honest & ask yourself, “Am I motivated enough to meet my Mr. Right?”

Of course, we all know the cliché says, “Where there is a will, there is the way”. Yet, in actuality, if you are really keen to meet your Mr. Right, you will find a way to meet that guy! Learning some dating skills is the beginning of your journey!

  • Hot women are concerned when their good looks are fading.

A hot woman knows the value of her good looks. She knows it based on how people treat her. But sadly, beauty and youth never last, so when her good looks begin to fade, she will be really concerned.

“Every night when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel anxious,” says a 38-year-old hot woman, “What should I do?”

And here’s the message that I sent her:

Presenting an attractive image is about how you look, how you talk, how you walk, how you move, how you carry yourself, and so on. Although this is only external confidence, it’s actually more important than you think, for without surface level confidence, you probably wouldn’t have a chance to showcase your inner confidence. It is said that the first impression is very lasting, and the first impression is all about surface level confidence.hot date women

Here are severaltechniques to enhance your external beautyquickly:

  • Wear feminine and elegant clothes (not because you want to please guys, but because guys will please you). This is all about psychology – guys want to see what can’t exist on themselves. Let me put it this way: a lot of fashion magazines tell you boyish outfits are stylish –you should throw them in the rubbish bin right now. Guys secretly like ladies who wear stockings, lace, pearls and flowers (they just don’t tell you because they can’t logically explain why they like it). Men would like to see you wear feminine and elegant patterns such as flowers, butterflies and love hearts. They are eager to see you wear colors such as light purple, pink and red. – None of these elements can exist on guys unless they are gay! That is to say, they want to see you being a truelady.
  • Wear red elements: a red jacket, a red dress, a pair of red shoes, a red purse, etc. According to a major study in Europe, guys are attracted to ladies who wear red. Nonetheless, you should avoid wearing red lip color, because many guys can feel intimidated by your red lip color – guys don’t want to kiss dark red wax!
  • Wear natural hues for eye color and lip color. Use light gray or light brown eye shadow. Wear pink lip-gloss. Actually, guys like makeup – they just don’t know it! Yet you should always avoid colors that don’t exist in your natural tone. Apart from that, when you wear makeup, you feel more confident instantly – Have you felt that you talk in a more elegant way when you wear high-quality lip-gloss? Have you noticed that your hands move in a more graceful way when you wear beautiful nail color?
  • Hot women whose looks are fading may lack inner confidence.

A hot woman writes to me, “Now I’m 40 years old and I’m freaking out inside, although I pretend to be confident outside. What should I do?”dating hot women

Here’s my response:

Your inner confidence is about having high self-esteem and knowing your high self-worth. What’s more, it’s about knowing what you have to offer. It’s also known as core confidence.

Here are some strategies to enhance your inner confidence:

  • Have a wide variety of interests that color your life. Look at what you like to do, and do those activities, e.g. listening to the music, dancing, singing, painting, traveling, reading, going to the movies, and so forth. Doing what you love improves how you feel about yourself.
  • Acknowledge yourself. You should acknowledge your worth, your work, your skills, your knowledge, your experience and your achievement in life. Write down your strengths on a piece of paper and reinforce your self-worth every day.
  • Love yourself unconditionally. No matter what happens, ultimately, you are the only person that will be with you forever. Hence, unconditional love for yourself is where your inner confidence lies in. Every night before going to bed, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You and I are the best teammates. I love you. Thank you!” (You may find it difficult to do this initially, but just practice saying this & see how you feel!)
  • Understand that having a love life is about having a guy who joins your exciting life. Remember: finding a guy is not about getting a guy who can save you from your issues; instead, it’s actually about inviting a guy to participate in your wonderful life. So, you know you have a lot to offer!
  • Write down an identity statement. Just like a company has its mission statement, you can also have an identity statement which describes who you should be. At the end of the day, who you want to be is what you ultimately need to commit to. Write down who you would like to be, and become that person. If you have written “I’m a proactive woman who takes actions and I stay motivated at all times”, then whenever you feel daunted, you look at your identity statement and get back on the right track immediately.girls for date

Now that you’ve understood what hot women’s insecurities are, you will feel more confident while dating hot women.

No one is as they seem. No one can help what they dream.

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